The bleeding heart liberals are Obsessed with racism, sexism, gun control and all the ism. The new normal is accusing anyone of all theism. This stupidity is only designed to psychologically, socially and politically keep black Americans in the state of perpetual mental slavery.

The Liberal policies and tendencies are deeply racist in practice and design. Are you suggesting that the White man is intellectually superior to the black man, therefore, we need a black privilege executive order or legislation in the 21st century in order for the Blackman to evenly compete with the Whiteman?

Do you think we need reparation in order for developing countries in Africa to compete with the so-called developed European countries? If you believe that reparation and affirmative actions are required for a black man to become successful in America and for Africa to develop and compete with Europe, I am sorry to state that you are in mental bondage of slavery and that you need deliverance from the bondage of the neoliberal color coded racist, bigotry, and homophobic hegemony.

Support president Trump and the conservative movement. Let us elect conservative law markers to Congress and restore the pride and dignity of American traditional family values.

The liberal elitist policy of interfering in how we raise our children and conduct our personal lives must be resisted. The teaching of atheistic philosophies like evolution, postmodernism and tyrannical homophobic gay doctrine in schools including fake news is the roots of gun violence in America and not the NRA or responsible gun owners.

The only deterrence to a bad guy with a guy is a good guy with a gun.

Don’t let them fool you, the toothless liberal hypocritical clown Chuck Schumer and
Nancy Pelosi in partnership with chameleon republicans wants to take over congress and abolish our religious rights and the right to bear arms through legislation.

People of faith, when these hypocritical atheists take over the Congress, they are going to take away our guns and religious rights. This is not a joke!  This is not about Honorable President Trump, it is about the preservation of the traditional American Judeo Christian values. This is a life and death battle which our founding fathers fought, bleed and died.

In this American political dispensation, Honorable President Trump is the Moses of America. God has sent him to deliver America from the liberal oppressive and degrading anti-family, anti-religion, anti-Christian, and anti-freedom policies.

To my black and Latino brothers and sisters who are still under the oppressive influence of the liberal brainwashing, be not deceived, we have an opportunity to restore the pride and dignity of our traditional family values. Our children will have an opportunity to learn the scripture in primary schools.

Our conservative law markers will permanently remove any reference to anti-God philosophies like evolution, postmodernism and marriage equality from our textbooks with an indelible pen.

Stand with President Trump as he consults our spiritual leaders and heavenly father on the nomination of the replacement for the Honorable Justice Kennedy. The decision for the replacement of Justice Kennedy will have a significant impact on this nation for years to come.

Stand with President Trump and the NRA as he works to keep America great and safe again. We need to arm our teachers, provide military-grade arms to our police officers to deter the bleeding heart liberals hooliganism in our inner cities.

Stand with President Trump, let us keep America safe and strong again! If you deliberately break our federal immigration law by illegally coming into the country with your children, we will separate you from your children and prosecute you!

The crying baby liberals headed the federal government for eight years without action on immigration. Bleeding heart crybabies had both the House and the Senate for two years, they did nothing on immigration.

The gay president Obama was president for eight years, he failed to pass a comprehensive immigration legislation like President Regan, now he is hypocritically criticising President Trump who is keeping his campaign promise of keeping America safe. Is this is dirty politics or pure hypocritical advocacy? You decide!

To the bleeding heart liberals, you will cry until your tears dry out, but we will not stop until the wall is built! No more compromise on the issue. The next budget negotiation must include a complete funding for the wall or no approval!

The conservative way, or the hard way!

No compromising with the Liberals! The Trump revolution has weakened the liberals by destroying the liberal so-called most experienced politician, Crooked Hillary.

No more deception.

Fund the wall.

Any Republican who votes against the wall must be kicked out from the ‘Republican conference and voted from Congress.

This is a war to liberate America from invasion…… by illegal immigrants. Liberals want to use illegal immigrants to vote this fall so that they can fraudulently take over the Congress and slow down the Trump revolution.

There should be no compromise on the question of building the wall. The question of building the wall is fundamental to the national security of America. Tit for tat!!!!! If the obstructionist obstructs, defund plan parenthood and all pro-liberal organizations.

God bless Ameria, God bless our most compassionate, reliable and trustworthy president in modern times, H. E. President Donald J. Trump. Jesus came to deliver sinners from the bondage of sin and satanic oppression and not to save the so-called righteous.

The baseless accusations of sexual misconduct by shameless prostitutes can be summed up as Liberal attempt to discredit loyal conservatives. Dirty politics, a political hit job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I call the prostitutes political hit women! I describe the so-called m2 movement as the ” liberal political hitwoman.”

Empty talk….. No action!

All Fake News.

The Rastaman come to breakdown Babylon and expose the Babylonian hypocrisy and set Jah children free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until America is totally free from the liberal hypocrisy, the world will never be freed!