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Over thirty years ago, Liberia was plunged into great tribulation by a gang of few so-called liberators. These so-called liberators proved to be nothing less than sneaky, disingenuous, mendacious, and two faces insidious beasts.

These uncultured unpatriotic gangs waged a genocidal war on innocent Liberians which reason has now been proven to be the extreme desire for economic superiority masked in the veneered of political demagoguery.

The familiar slogan is “we will fight corruption, bring development, and reconcile our people.” For example, in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s January 2006 inaugural speech, she hypocritically stated in a passionate tone like a con artist: ” we will reconcile our people and end corruption.”

Sadly, the Sirleaf who promised to end corruption on the world stage transformed the Liberian government into her family business enterprise with her immediate families and cronies holding positions of economic and social influence. The Sirleaf who accused President William Rochard Tolbert of nepotism hired seventeen members of her immediate family to the government with sons as heads of the Liberian oil company, banks, security, among others.

Instead of reconciling our people, Sirleaf divided our people by handsomely rewarding her footsoldiers with highly paid positions and lifting removing all the accused war and economic criminals from the UN travel band list while Liberian war victims live in abject poverty.

During the 2017 presidential election, instead of supporting her twelve-year loyal vice president,  Sirleaf willfully mentored a nincompoop and made him her political scapegoat. Consequences, Liberia is at a crossroad between life or death.

The current condition of Liberia is like a jumbo jet with an estimated four million messenger and a crew on board cruising at six hundred miles per hour with a mentally deranged pilot. To better metaphorically express the Liberian dilemma, we have sadly given a loaded gun to a madman who is surrounded by vampires hungry to devour the carcass of his victims.

This insanity has continued unabatedly with the aid of some so-called high profile American politicians and celebrities who project themselves as defenders of social justice and human rights in America while hypocritically supporting an accused war and economic criminals like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and cohorts.

Good Job Ambassador Elder, Liberian war victims are proud of you. Many of us worked very hard to ensure the victory of our beloved President H. E. Donald J. Trump. We concluded that President Trump would deliver Liberia from the hypocritical policies of Crooked Hillary, Linda Greenfield, and Obama.

These folks project themselves as human rights advocates in the US while at the same time supporting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf twelve years criminal rule in Liberia, in which she transformed the Liberian government into her personal family business enterprise with her immediate family members and cronies occupying key positions of economic and social influence.

I was very suspicious of your leadership as a representative of the US government on the ground in Liberia. But, after six months of evaluation, I can assure you that Liberian war victims feel safe with you as the Ambassador of the great United States in Liberia. We believe that you will honestly represent President Trump’s vision of making America Great Agan and Keeping America Great Again in Liberia.

As you may be aware of the historical background of Liberia, America cannot be great in Africa until the entity she created in Africa becomes an example of the greatness that President Trump aspired. The six months irresponsible records of the so-called ” pro-poor” CDC government show that the government does not have the moral, ethical, intellectual, technical and leadership to make Liberia a great nation in Africa and the world.

Stupidy is defined as ” doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.” We can not have the same bad actors who willfully prosecuted the NPFL genocidal war on Liberia; failed to reconcile our people; arrogantly ignored the TRC report, and the continued subjection of our people to abject poverty and expect a different outcome.

What is obtaining in Liberia today is the foundation for the brutal outbreak of violence.” It takes a revolution to make a solution”… Bob Marley. Weah and Sirleaf are not indispensable, we have tolerated the oppression of our people for many years with a  disastrous impact on the general population while the perpetrators enjoy the fruit of their crimes.

Today, Liberian elected officials do not feel accountable to electorates, neither is an incentive for any reform on the part of the elected officials because they have enough time to enrich themselves. The six years for representative and nine years for senators is unacceptable. Ellen and her cronies failed to reform the Liberian constitution because by doing so would undermine their selfish desire of exploitation.

In this dispensation of our struggle for justice, as a direct victim, it is not a rocket science to know that the cardinal reason for the war was economics. He who controls the money controls the population. For this reason, the war financers have been able to manipulate and dominate the political lives of  Liberian war victims since the epic of the genocidal war.

Hence, without eliminating the financial patrons capacity to make war thus effectively disarming their financial capability and movement across the world, Liberia shall not know peace.

In this regard, we will be presenting a compelling case, for the imposition of targeted sanctions and travel band on specific Liberian war sponsors including former government officials from the Ellen Johnson and Charles Taylor criminal enterprise who became millionaires at the expense of the suffering Liberian masses.

The so-called Weah government is the embodiment of both Ellen and Taylor’s government, therefore, key Weah government officials including Weah will also be included on our propose Sanction list.  We believe Weah’s failure to declare his assets since getting to power also sent a clear signal to the US government and the world that he is ready to continue business as usual and not to clean and fight corruption instead encourage and bread corruption.

We acknowledge Liberia is an independent sovereign state but, what good of sovereignty when you failed to abide by the rule of law? What good of so-called independent state when you can’t address the needs of the citizens? What a use when so-called sovereign state officials deliberately enslaved its people?

The history of Liberia is not tied to the French, either Chinese or British, but to the Great United States. As a US-trained professional, we will not allow our beloved country to fall in the hands of hooligans who are gradually using our country to laundry money to terrorist organizations in the middle east or change the long-standing historical lineage of Liberia to America for their selfish political and economic goals. Liberia is little America in Africa…….!

We believe a targeted economic sanction and travel band on the past and present government officials including war patrons who violated our economic and human rights will send a strong signal to Liberian war victims that the Trump administration has departed from the hypocritical  Obama and Crooked Hillary destructive irresponsible anti-America foreign policy in Liberia.

Liberian war victims, want to feel and experience the radical departure from the Crooked Hillary and Obama Anti American policies in Liberia. The support for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was anti-American. The America that we all know very well is a nation of law and not of men. Obama and Hilary hypocritically elected friendship over the rule of law by supporting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and cohorts who were indicted by the  2009 Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report(TRC).

As you may know, the Weah so-called “pro-poor” government is essentially the 3rd term of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf irresponsible and objectionable rule. Liberia needs an urgent departure from the current decadent political cultural of kleptocracy, rampant corruption, and impunity to a new political dispensation based on the rule of law, human rights, sustainable peace, reconciliation, and development.

It is untenable, and naïve at best for one to talk about peace, reconciliation, and development when the masses are living in abject poverty while patrons of war and their footsoldiers masquerade the streets of Liberia as honorable political and business leaders.

Unlike the charlatan Obama Administration that hypocritically supported Ellen Johnson Sirleaf twelve years bastardization of Liberia, President Trump will ensure justice for Liberian war victims. We are counting on you as the chief Ambassador of the Trump Administration and the good people of America to ensure justice for Liberian war victims starting with targeted Sanction on the Weah government officials who failed to declare asset including Weah.

Long live President Trump! Long live the good people of America! long live Liberia!  In God we Trust! Make America great again by promoting peace and democracy in Liberia!