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Let Jah arise, let his enemies scatter, let those who hate righteousness feed, let righteousness cover the earth like a water. Praise him for his mercy, praise him for his blessings. Praise him for his love. Without the love of Jah, we will not be here. Rastafari, ever living, ever sure, the last and the first. The God of Isaac, Avraham, and Jacob.

The one and only God of Isreal. If you don’t know Jesus, I challenge you to know him. Many of you are terrified of death because you don’t know the Lord. Remember this, Christians go to Church with the belief in Jesus Christ for salvation so that when they die, they can go to heaven, but the only vehicle to heaven is death, but no one wants to die in the name of Jesus. Where is your faith? No one wants to die for justice and equal rights? Where are your passion and patriotism?

You can kill the messenger but not the message. When we started this journey for justice for Liberian war victims many years ago in the late 1990s, my political Godfathers Prof. Alaric Tokpa, Dr. Kargbo, Dr. Konneh, Dr. Kieh, and others were castigated, dehumanized and ostracized by the criminal regimes and loyalists. They faced death threats and prosecution by the power that be in the late 1990s up to criminal Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Era.

As a direct victim, when I walked in my mentor’s shoes. I was humiliated, recriminated, dehumanized, prosecuted and also castigated as trouble marker. Why? Because many of the group leaders who have signed up for justice today were beholding to Ellen, Crooked Hillary, and Gay President Obama. Today, they have all joined the struggle. Congratulations guys, we belong together. Welcome home!

After Hillary was disgracefully defeated by H. E. President Donald J. Trump thus, ending the US support for Killer Ellens regime, 76 Liberian groups both at home and in the diaspora, are now fighting for justice. This is the most exciting moment for me!

While these groups have joined us, as direct victims, we are also aware that, some of the leaders of the groups who have joined the justice train, are agents of the old order and would do everything to undermine the logical conclusion of our struggle, but we are watching with an eagle eye.

After many years of this struggle, we have come to the conclusion that only Liberian war victims, can logically bring true peace, justice, reconciliation and sustainable development to Liberia.

You can kill the messenger, but not the message. Doctorroots has no friend but principle and ideology. Guys, welcome on Board the justice train. We are all on the same boat with a common enemy and purpose.

I look forward to working with you all as we fight to transform Liberia into a new republic based on the rule of law, accountability, justice, and social inclusion.