Thank you, my brother. In the eyes of God our heavenly father, there is no race. It is the divisive liberal that invented the word recision to divide and conquer us for their selfish ambitions.

Think about this, when black folks organize themselves to protest in the supreme interests of blacks, the liberals call them protestors and heroes, but when white folks organize themselves to protest in their supreme interests, they smear them as a white supremacist and KKK. Is this hypocrisy or racism?

How do you rationalize blacks calling each other niggers, but when a white man calls a black guy nigger, it becomes an issue? Is this racism is hypocrisy? When white folks come out to celebrate traditional family values, they are smear as anti-gay, but when guys come out in numbers for their so-called pride parade, no one dares criticise them or else you will be smeared as homophobic?

So, who is homophobic and tyrannical? For example, in New York City or  New York State government employee, it is a sin to express an opposing opinion against same-sex marriage without losing your job. Is this dictatorship or tyranny?

In view of the above, the bleeding heart liberals and conservatives, who are the racist? Who has been planting the satanic racist seed in the hearts of disadvantaged black and Latino youths across America? What crime has President Trump committed? Do you want him to sit and watch the talking heads fools on the fake news networks to mock him with impunity?

Human right is a two-way street, President Trump equally deserves to be treated fairly under the law. He has human rights too. He has blood, emotions, and feelings like everyone else. When you dehumanize him, he will dehumanize you too. When you respect him, he will respect you too. When you attack him, he will retaliate proportionally with fire and fury!

As a conservative cyber worrier, we will defend our revolution. We will fight to keep America great again and ensure that the Trump Revolution fire never goes off.

Long live President Trump. Long live the conservative movement. Long live the great United States. Down with the liberals hypocrisy and divisive politics. God blessed America!