Nimba has some of the most educated, business minded and patriotic citizens than those fools who call themselves senators and representatives currently representing Nimba.

These idiots have long exploited our people, built schools and other business entities in their names at the expense of our people. While our people are suffering and dying from curable diseases, these idiots traveled abroad for advanced medical treatment as if their lives are better than our people.

Our the last two years, I lost five immediate family members to curable diseases in Liberia while these idiots and their immediate families traveled abroad for advanced medical treatment.

If the public hospitals and public schools are not good for government officials, it should not be good for any Liberians. If the hospital and public schools are not good for the President and his officials, it should not equally be good for any Liberians.

Example, the same conditions that I left in Butuo, Nimba County on December 17, 1989, has not changed. The road from Butuo to my village Coffee Town ( Dunzuah Town), our coffee farm which has now become a huge town stays the same while these fools drive some of the best cars in the world at the expense of our people.

Who these fools think they are? Why should they make such a huge salary while our people suffer? A new day in Liberia! 

Alexander  Cummings, the so-called ANC leader where were you when we were struggling against the criminal Ellen regime? Of course, it was not a smart political move to criticize Ellen when she was popular, but after we diminished her popularity, you jumped in the race like a grasshopper. A political opportunist, we will not allow you to ride on your backs. You are in my direct line of attack. You will elect to ignore me for now, but you will not ignore me forever. I have done my opposition research on you,  I will define you within the next few months.  We will not permit you and another political opportunist to ride on your work.  You will do better supporting Ellen than running as president of Liberia.

The presidency of Jacob Dunzuah Massaquoi, II will reduce the salaries of law markers to $1,500 per month through Executive order. These idiots will no longer make their own salaries.

We will criminalize the gay business, abortion, including UBF, freemason and convert their temples into schools and hospitals for the poor through executive order.

We will institutionalize our Poro and Sandi Societies, upgrade to address antiquity and meet present realities. We will raise the salaries of civil servants to the minimum of $500.00 per month. A livable wage so that educators, law enforcement and our military men and women, secretaries, sweepers and all the front line civil servants to afford house rent, beg of rice, send their kids to schools and become independent of the so-called ” honorable.”

We will Kill the current political patronage system in which only the so-called “big sharks ” who project themselves as leaders, pillage what belongs to the nation and make you believe that they are doing you a financial favor by providing so-called financial assistance.

More importantly, we will create an economic crimes court to investigate and prosecute past and present government officials who have become millionaires and mansions owners overnight. These idiots will have to account for their ill-gotten wealth. Liberia can not move forward without address our painful history. While many Liberian political scholars argued that corruption is the roots of our problem, I fundamentally disagree.

Based on my practical, historical and theoretical analysis, the fundamental problem facing Liberia is the culture of impunity masked in the veneered of political patronage and blind loyalty. Look at the social and political structure of Liberia, most of the lands and public buildings in Monrovia belongs to either former government officials or their associates. Why? This proofs my point that the fourteen-year genocidal war was about economics and not about the liberation of our beloved country from backwardness.

Wih that said, our  administration will swiftly organize an asset recovery commission with the goal to recovery Liberia’s stolen wealth and an economic crimes court with competent legal minds to immediately investing and prosecute all alleged economic criminals while at the same time legally confronting our brothers and sisters who allegedly committed heinous crimes during the course of the conflict.

The transformation of the Liberian government into a small and efficient government that respects the rule of law. Economic development, food security, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and social development will be the front and center theme of my administration.

More importantly, we will introduce a national volunteer program in which every Liberian from age 17-35 will be forced to serve the military for four years during their undergraduate studies at the expense of the government. The military and paramilitary institutions will be professionalized and integrated into the national development program.

The military will be the backbone of our development, from healthcare delivery to education, public work, technology, etc, the military will play a key role. We will revolutionize political power distribution in Liberia from the current status quo in which Mr. /Madam President appoints every one from sweeper to the superintendents, commissioners, town chiefs, and cabinet ministers by given voice to our people regarding their governance.

Let the people of Grand Gedeh elect their own superintendent, judges, town chiefs, Mayors, commissioners, etc. Likewise all the countries. Eject the influence of Monrovia on the lives of our people. Monrovia is not Liberia, this old criminal system has not benefited people living in rural Liberia.

As a product of rural Liberia, I detest the so-called Monrovia mentality in which all the power is concentrated in Monrovia. You can not get anything done without coming to Monrovia. This stupidity will end on day one of my administration. Monrovia will be depopulated!

My detractors and failed career politicians would charge that I have no public service experience, but let it be crystal clear that I have more public service experience than the criminality which they have carried out for decades in the name of the Liberian people. Beside public experience, I also have great private sector experience. I am a job creator and not a job hunter. My public records speak for itself.

Lastly, we will demand the assets declaration of anyone running for public office so that we can know their financial positions and wealth before taking office. The information will help us to do a complete forensic audit of every public official’s lifestyle.

A new day in town, anyone wishing to contest the next presidential or senatorial election must understand the gravity of the game. You will no longer win an election on a silver platter. No more free ride. We will prosecute both your public and private records. Personality counts! We will go personal! Nothing will be off the table. Your family life, your social life, academic records, career and among others will be prosecuted in the public domain. The passive tendency gives us the incumbent incompetent idiotic so-called ” pro-poor” garbage we have ruling Liberia today.

Fellow Liberians, get ready and be prepared for a new day and a new style of politics in Liberia. No more ” don’t be personal!” If you don’t want me to go after your personal life, back off! As a cybersecurity student, and a student of psychology, philosophy, history and street warfare, I know your weak spot. The game is over. The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf political scapegoat will be defeated and Ellen and her cohorts who destroyed our beloved country will be held accountable in a competent court of justice.

In my view, the greatest sin against Liberia and the younger generation is to allow Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to go to her grave without facing justice for the nightmare she and her partners in crimes brought on Liberia. We have an obligation to history! When we look back, our children will ask us, daddy or Mamie, what did you do when Ellen and her cronies destroyed your generation? How come you let her died as a hero? “

Finally, it is not our desire to multiply the already multitude of essentially empty political parties but to reenergize the social and political discussion in Liberia. Our primary goal is to prepare and liberate the minds of our people from the current state of economic injustice, social and political exclusion.

In addition, we will legally prosecute the decadent satanic culture of masonic craft and gay marriage, which has become prevalent in Liberia during the last two decades.

I can’t wait to ideologically, philosophically, intellectually and practically confront career Liberian politicians in an unconventional style. Our mission is to disrupt and unconventionally change the decadent Liberian political culture in the best interests of our people.

Down with the old order. We are a victim movement! Since the war, these idiots have deliberately refused to seek the victims’ interest(s). None of the political parties have had any reference relating to addressing the needs of Liberian war victims. Our campaign is a victim movement! We are fighting our own battle. The perpetrators and their political allies have always abused us and taken us for granted. We are now taken the fight to their doorsteps! If you are a Liberian war victim, your liberation is at hand!

I will be a one dollar President! Unprecedented, my officials will follow suit! I believe that government is an opportunity to serve your compatriots and not a vehicle for wealth accumulation. Our struggle is about economic justice! Down with “pro-crooked ” government.