What is obtaining in Liberia is very hurtful for my generation, the generation of the 80s, 70s, and 90s. These same heartless brutes who are dictating the course of events in Liberia today stole our youthful years. Pillaged our natural resources and used our elder brothers from Nimba to destroy their own intellectuals including my uncle Hon. Jackson F. Doe.

After eliminating our Nimba intellectuals, Ellen and Taylor NPFL took power, brought their relatives and cronies from abroad to rule Liberia like an abused bastard child. Painfully, these so-called family members and cronies were kept safe in schools and other protective covers abroad while most of our brothers from Nimba were dying on the front lines for their enjoyment. Today, many of the disabled variants in Nimba and around Liberia are in my age group or even younger. Who is helping them? If it was not for the international organization, many would have been dead from curable diseases like my siblings. No one cares.

The citizens from Nimba, Grand Gedeh ( Mandigo, Mino, Gio, Krahn) were used as their dogs of war while Rober Sirleaf and his siblings were studying in the States. Today, Robert and his siblings are the so-called humanitarians in Liberia. Robert, can you and your siblings point to an NGO you operated in Liberia prior to the presidency of your mother? What happened to our National Oil Company? How did it collapse? Robert, you have a lot to answer to the Liberian people. No matter where you and your siblings go, you will not escape justice, only the matter of time!

What I can not comprehend is the salary gap between lawmakers and civil servants. My sisters are teachers, every time I think about the precious service these folks offer our beloved nation without appreciation by the so-called law markers hurts so much. How much does one man need to live? Why should one man make so much money ( $18K /month excluding $2000 benefit) in a poor country while others suffer? Does that make sense to you?

Fellow Liberians, I am very angry at what is taken place in Liberia and you should be Angry too! I understand why Trump attracted the white working class and the religious community because he had the courage to speak about the unspoken issues that matter to them. Immigration, entitlement program, social issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, and religious rights.

In the same token, in Liberia, no politician will dare speak out against the secret societies because, in their small mind, you cannot win an election without the blessings of the so-called grandmasters. When you have the courage to break down the secret society in Liberia, you would have broken down the heart of corruption, social exclusion, and injustice in Liberia.

Often the politics and policies of the presidency are determined by the so-called grandmasters. In America, it is the deep state while in Liberia, it is the Masonic craft. An attack on the Masonic craft is an attack on the Liberian political elites, I am aware that many of them are deeply worried.

My tactics are in part psychologically designed to motivate my generation to stand up against the bastard establishment which has kept Liberia down all these years. These guys who project themselves as gods over our people. I recognize that my tactics are not politically correct. I also know the backlash from the Liberian political establishment.

I am unapologetically prepared!

I am a straight talker, bold, and unorthodox. Lessons learned from the populist nationalistic movements victories around the world show that gone are the days of political correctness. The oppressed masses want someone who will boldly represent their interest(s) and not a smooth talker like Obama who says one thing and does the contrary.

President Donald J. Trump is an example of a nationalist patriotic American president. He is fulfilling his campaign promise, although some may be very unpopular, he is afraid of keeping his words. He is not a politician but a worrier for the restoration of the greatness of America and the traditional American family values.

For me, I am already dead! Being fatherless and motherless means death to me. The pain of not knowing the barrier site of your parents confronts me each day. The pain of losing a beloved and only younger sister from a curable disease is death! The pain of reading stories of the suffering of your people each day while few exploit them is death!

Fellow Liberians, I am living with the physical pain of the war each and every day. I suffered excruciating leg and hips pain as the result of my injury from the war. I have to walk five miles or ride an indoor bike for 10 miles every day in order to live a productive life. This is the reason for which I prefer walking or cycling to work. Every time I feel the tickling in my leg, it reminds me of the war and emotional pain. This is not a joke, but a life and death battle.

Freedom is not cheap. Our believed country is under attacked. Our ways of life are under attack. Our culture is under attack. Our generation and future generation is under attack. Please ask yourself a fundamental question, which type of Liberia do I want to leave for my children and grandchildren? The incompetent Weah Liberia or a new Liberia based on the rule of law, justice, accountability, and sustainable development?

I am not alone, thousands of our people are suffering the same pain or even worse than me. The only difference is that I have had the blessings of boldness, extreme ambition and the ability to turn disappointments into opportunities.

I should have been dead long on July 29, 1990, at the St. Peter Lutheran Church, but God saved me and preserved my soul. I should have been dead behind Taylor’s line, but God saved me and preserved my soul. I should have been dead on October 19, 1994, when our home was invaded and shot many times five inches below my knees, but God saved me and preserved my soul. I should have been dead on April 6, 1996, when Monrovia was engulfed with terror, during this period, I was at Dr, Brown’s Clinic recovering from multiple orthopedic surgeries on my right leg and disabled when the butt nicked and NPFL/ULIMO-K men waged war on Monrovia but, God saved me and preserved my soul.

I should have been dead when Taylor’s men captured me upon returned from abroad and accused me of spreading negative information on the NPP government. But, God saved me and preserved my soul. In early November 2010, I came face-to-face with my hired killer, who was hired by agents of Ellen after I lead a disgracing protest against Ellen, but the Almighty God saved me and preserved my soul.

When some of my hypocritical liberal friends and Board members in New York turned against me for calling Ellen “ the darling of the west” a ” domestic terrorist,” they tried to destroy my brainchild, African Refuge, Inc. With the helped and support of my godfather and Board Chair, God helped me to quickly hire my replacement and to go through personal re-engineering.

Consequently, I become a technology business analyst, system architect, software engineer and now full computer engineer with my own consultant and publishing firm and completing a doctorate in computer science with the emphasis on cybersecurity and assurance.

I have lived on the edge of what faithless and timid Liberians would consider as insanity because, from their viewpoint, Ellen and her band of economic and war criminals are indispensable. Make no mistake, during the early days of Ellen, an attack on Ellen evil records amounted to social isolation on Staten Island. But, today, many of the Ellen supporters jumped ship to support incompetent Weah. Tomorrow, the same grasshopper would jump on another political train. Faithless and feeble minded people with no moral or philosophical underpinning.

In my view, the enemies of Liberia are those who elect to exploit fellow Liberians. Whether politicians or businessmen and women. The current political culture defines my description of the enemies of Liberia. The incompetent Weah so-called “pro-poor” government is essentially a “pro-crooked” government, an enemy of Liberia which patriotic Liberians must detest with a deep passion.

Compatriots, permit me to assure you that I am not an irrational guy, but rational, compassionate and an easy guy who based my friendship on principles. I believe in principles and not empty friendship. Friendship must have substance.

My list of political and religious idols whom I respect in Liberia are very few, they are; my mentor Prof. Tokpa, Dr. Kargbo, AB Mitchelle, TQ Harris, Rev, Coleman, Rev, Arkoi, Rev. Tieh, Mr., Blamo Nelson, Michael George, Dr. Augustine Konneh, Dr. George K. Kieh, Dr. Dugbeh C. Nyan; Dr. Lurence Zumo, Bishop Philip Saywrayne, Rev. Vaye, TRC Chairman, Jemore, are amongst the list of few Liberians in the public domain whom I have deep respect and affinity for their work and contributions to Liberia.

I have Zero respect of the Liberian Council of Churches leadership, they have over the years aided and abetted the foolish philosophy of “ let bad gone- be bad-gone!” They have failed to emphasize and educate Liberians about the God of accountability. Many of the leaders including Bishop Innis collaborated with Ellen to subvert the TRC report. I have a file on him. I challenge him to dispute my charges, I will publish the Wikileaks file on his meeting with Linda Greenfield in late 2009.

Liberia backwardness is due partly to ungodly religious leaders who have abused the offices of Bishops, etc, for their selfish financial gains. I am sure if Bishop Michael Francis was alive today, Ellen and her gangs would not have survived in office for twelve years without implementing the TRC recommendations. Shame on the failed Liberian Council of Churches leadership. The institution has become a talking shop. A political tool for the ruling class. Our campaign is about breaking down those corrupt entities which have colluded with the ruling class to exploit our people over the years. We are on the mission to break down Babylon and to set God’s children free.

I have very little respect for most of the religious and traditional leaders of Liberia today. My idol was Bishop Michael K. Frances of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, his godson Kofi Woods bent to the economic pressure and became a sellout to Ellen. Now he wants to become President. I can’t wait to prosecute his private and public records in the public domain. I am a trained New York political operative… I know how to play dirty and also play clean.

In Liberia, they will not attack you publicly, but their preferred choice of political weapon has always been silent propaganda, backstabbing, vote rigging and using the Masonic craft connection to destroy you. Attacking the Masonic craft is equivalent to attacking the heart of the corrupt political and business establishments of Liberia. Make no mistake, we understand the gravity of the risk, but we are fully prepared to break down and destroy the age-old oppressive instrument in Liberia.

By the grace of the Almighty God, we shall overcome! We have already overcome! e!

Trump’s election victory and his leadership style is a confirmation of my unorthodox strategy, as the key to winning oppressed people votes. No time for political correctness. I will call a space…. space. When the politicians behave like a pig, I will call him or her a pig! The NPFL rebels and others who destroyed our beloved country by cutting our throats, where they civil? When you make $18k excluding other benefits while your fellow citizens suffered, is that civility? When you fail to implement needed reforms in the best interest(s) of our beloved country, is that civility?

I challenge anyone to lecture me about civility without holding those brutes accountable.

Because of Ellen’s desire to protect herself from prosecution, she failed to implement critical recommendations in the TRC report which in my view, would have addressed many of the political and social problems facing our country today.

For example, constitutional reform to address antiquity and confront present challenges such as term limits for elected officials, dual citizenship, etc. What incentives does a nine-year senator have to do right by his people? This is madness at its best!

Today, the useless ULAA is leading the so-called failed dual citizenship campaign without regard to the TRC implementation. Let us reform the constitution, the dual citizenship question would be addressed. No time for the reactionary useless ULAA games! From Anthony Kesselly to the present leadership of ULAA, these guys have all used ULAA to project their own political image. What good of an organization if you can’t represent the interest of your people?

Since the war, Liberians in the diaspora have not been granted the right to participate in the political process home. Our civil and political rights have grossly been abused by those thugs ruling Liberia.

All our neighbors, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast, have honored their obligations under The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). But, the pigs who are ruling Liberia continue to abuse the rights of diaspora Liberians to vote. Don’t you think that we have rights too?

I just can’t understand why the political parties allowed Ellen to rule Liberia like her personal property and now Weah. I had no intention of running for the Presidency of Liberia. The complacency and leadership gap compelled me to jump in the race for the liberation of our generation.

We don’t want to invest our time, effort and money into someone who will later compromise our struggle for his/her personal economic interest(s). Neither do we want to joint an existence political party and later someone tells me that “No, don’t be personal.”

In politics, your private life counts…. Your character matters… We will investigate and prosecute your records from the day you were born to present. Your family background, your educational and religious background, your public and private records will all be taken into consideration. Nothing is off the table! We have initiated opposition research on our possible opponents. We have completed a complete electronic background check on the ANC leader, it is not good for Liberia. He is a political opportunist and an Ellen supporter in disguise.
He is not a reformer, but an insider who has long supported Taylor and Ellen’s reactionary struggle against Liberia.

His company supported Taylor, paid taxes to the NPFL/NPP government and the money was used to purchase guns to kill us. Liberian war victims will prosecute the ANC leader for aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Remember, Taylor was convicted for aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone. He was not physically on the battle file pulling the trigger but supporting the RUF. In the same approach, Alex and all those who aided and abetted the NPFL/NPP government will go down like Taylor. For many years, Liberians have passively permitted these selfish men to exploit their ignorance and kind heart. There will be no more free ride to the Presidency!

I am grateful to God for all the challenges that I have faced in my life. I believe these challenges were divine preparation for this great mission of liberating our people from the current decadent political and social culture in Liberia. We are fully aware of the evil forces before us, but we are more than them.

These failed group of people who do not have a substantive counter attack or argument would use my unpolished approach to smear me in the dark while pretending to be my friends, I am also ready! Liberians are good at backstabbing!

The truth is an offense but not a crime…..Brother Bob. We speak for the victims but not the elites who are beneficiaries of the evil Babylonian system which has kept our people down for ages in Liberia. They would castigate me for staying the truth. But, they will not succeed. The American media fought Candidate Trump with urgency and miserably failed to stop him.

All over the world, the people are tired of political correctness, its time for an unconventional political approach. I am not a politician but a brutal activist. Our victory will be a landslide!!!!! Since PAL, no political group has attracted donation from ordinary Liberians, but, that would change with doctorroots. Put your money to where your mouth is! Liberians need something to believe in once more as they did PAL. Our movement will be the PAL of our time. We will give the Liberian masses something to believe in and a reason to vote.


God blessed Liberia.