Warning Liberians Against Wolf Pretending to be Sheep!


“The collaborating opposition parties including the former ruling Unity Party (UP), Liberia Party (LP) and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) in a press conference held Friday, July 20 at the headquarters of the ANC, said it is alarming that Liberians now have to pay 25 percent extra for whatever they consume,” July 21, 2018, Front Page Africa online.

Where was political opportunist Alexander Cummings when Ellen bastardized the TRC report and transformed the Liberian government into her family criminal enterprise? Where were LPP and UP when Ellen mortgaged Liberia for 19 billion USD? Where were these oppositions of convenience when Ellen assassinated the peace process and undermined democracy and the rule of law in Liberia?

Liberians do not consider these sycophants and Chameleon so-called opposition leaders as their leaders but an enemy of the people. The unpatriotic opportunistic tendencies of lackeys of Alexander Cummings emboldened a murderer like Ellen to rule our beloved country like an abused bastard child. And, the end product of Sirleaf is the so-called pro-poor CDC government headed by lying and incompetent George Weah, who does not believe that he was elected by the Liberian people but rather selected by murderer Ellen.

The timid tendencies of lackeys of Cummings allowed a corrupt and immoral idiot like Jerome Korkoya to criminalize the Liberian electoral process. How can you qualify someone to run for public office of trust without declaring their asset? How criminal is it to deny Liberian diaspora of their civil and political rights all these years? Do you think diaspora Liberians vote does not count? I can guarantee you that corrupt Korkoya will not be permitted to manage any future presidential election.

Make no mistake,  Alexander Cummings generation criminally took away our youthful years by transforming many youths of my generation into killing machines. Alexander Commuings generation brought war on us. He aided and abetted the NPFL war by bringing USTC- coca cola to Liberia during Taylor’s horrific rule which paid taxes to Taylor and Taylor eventually used the money to armed the NPFL killing machines.

While we were struggling against impunity and corruption in Liberia, Alexander Cummings was busy wining and dining with Taylor and Ellen. While we were using our last savings to organize protest against corruption and impunity in Liberia, Alexander Cummings was lobbying for Taylor and Ellen. The product of the lobbying was the returned of coca cola to Liberia during the heat of the war.

Therefore, the blood of our people is on the hands of Alexander Cummings, Ellen, and Taylor. Commings has more than one million questions to answer to the Liberian people regarding his business dealings with Taylor and Ellen.

Commings is a wolf pretending to be a sheep. The victim’s generation of the 70s, 80s, 90s will no longer permit victimizers like Commings to speak for us. Down with fair-weather oppositions and hypocrites in Liberia. Commings and his UP and LPP allies should be prepared to answer for the crimes of both Ellen and Taylor against the Liberian people rather than pretending to be opposition politicians.

The Victims party is the real opposition and not career politicians and parasitic opposition like Commings and his so-called leading opposition allies. The Commings so-called leading opposition party allies are actually a party of opposition to sustainable peace and development in Liberia.

Commings and his so-called LPP and UP opportunistic opposition leaders are all members of the satanic masonic craft ( free Freemasonry, United Brothers Society (UBF), Eastern Stars, etc.), which we are determined to crush in Liberia with a heavy hand forever. Liberia does not need a freemason or any other Masonic craft member as our leader.

The days of Masonic craft ruling Liberia are over. We will no longer permit a few gangs of people to decide the future of our beloved country in secret society meetings.

Warning Liberians Against Wolf Pretending to be Sheep!

Doctorroots, Representative of the Victims Generation!