An African Immigrant Call for the Rejection of the Godless Cult Democrats at the Poll this Fall.


Who is a racist? Conservatives or Liberals? When a white man comes out to protest for white causes, he is smeared as a white supremacist but when a black man organizes a protest to advocate for black causes, he is celebrated as a hero. Is this racism or hypocrisy? ACLU and the Southen Poverty Law Center, how do you define racism? Is your definition of racism a one-way street or a two-way street?

Liberals,  I am a black African immigrant, I deeply recent using my community as a political tool. Until the racist bigot liberal organizations and the godless cult democratic party stop using the race card, America will always be divided across racial lines.

As a black immigrant from a nation established by freed American slaves who imposed a racist apartheid system in which my grandparents paid taxes to a government without representation, I am fully aware of what it means to be a subjected of racism and extreme discrimination.

African Africans were granted political franchise before  Liberian aborigines were allowed to vote in their native land.  Although my parents were granted the right to vote,  they had no choice because of the one-party system supported by the black congressional caucus.  Hypocritically,  the same congressional black caucus that cries wolf, recision, and inequality,  playing the race card passionately supported the evil black-on-black apartheid regime in Liberia for over 150 years.

I really don’t care about a black man complaining about racism and discrimination in America because I was born under the congressional black caucus supported black-on-black apartheid regime in Liberia implemented by the grand old True Whig Party ( TWP). A one-party regime which ruled Liberia during the apartheid system.

No one wrote about the Liberian apartheid system because it was supported by the same hypocritical liberals who controlled the fake news media in America.

The same congressional black caucus fervently subverted justice, human rights and democracy in Liberia by supporting an accused war and economic criminal, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf twelve year criminal rule in Liberia. They undermined human rights and international justice by aiding and abetting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s subversion of justice for Liberian war victims.

The same black congressional caucus refused to hear Liberian war victims version of the crisis but only Sirleaf and her Americo-Liberian Hellen Cooper’s bias version of the Liberian carnage. Consequently, our struggle for justice and accountability for the almost three hundred thousand lives destroyed was an uphill battle under the Obama eight-year presidency.

Throughout these painful years, the godless cult democratic party and all its tentacles including the NDI, the black congressional caucus leading voices like congresswoman Karen bass from California, Gwen Moore, from Wisconsin’s 4th congressional district, of course, Hillary Clinton , passionately supported Ellen Johnson Sirleaf draconian policies in Liberia that left the country in the state of economic and social collapses.

Guys, are you not ashamed of your hypocrisy?

What credibility do you have on the question of discrimination and racism?

How can you call yourself a Democrat when you betrayed the basic tenets of democracy?

What was your motivation for supporting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf above justice for Liberian war victims?

Why did you refuse to hear our side of the story?

I have no respect for hypocrites, if the congressional black caucus is honest about addressing racism and discrimination in America and the world, let them redeem their image by supporting the cause for justice for Liberian war victims.

Charles Taylor and Ellen Johnson’s genocidal war in Liberia was made possible through the ignorant and selfish support by some members of the congressional black caucus. We have your names and we will mount an aggressive campaign against your drive for reelection this fall.

Your support for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf draconian corrupt policies in Liberia prolonged the sufferings of our people and caused the death of thousands of our people from hunger and curable diseases. We will expose your hypocrisy!

President Trump is a God-sent messiah of America. His patriotic policies have once more won America’s respect globally. America is once more leading from the front. Our law enforcement officers confidence has once more been restored. Our police officers can focus on their job and not worry about someone demonizing them when there is a shooting accident involving white police officers and a black male. The so-called Al-Sharpton black lives mater hooliganism has been arrested.

President Trump has empowered the black and Latino communities by creating jobs for us. Poverty is gradually reducing in the blacks and Latino communities across America. The so-called black congressional caucus members are fearful of losing their voters to conservative candidates this fall.

The AntiTrump campaigners which I described as ” Trumpphobias” are the unholy marriage between liberals and timid republican politricktians who are driven by deep hate and fear of losing control of their political bases.

For years, these parasites have preyed upon the misery of the black and brown communities in America for their selfish political ambitions. They deliberately created the depressing conditions so that they can use our people for their votes. They have gotten our votes cheaply for many years on the backs of racism and deception. It is time to change course and give conservative candidates a chance.

They have conditioned black America to hate white America and white America to hate financially successful Americans. Divide and conquer is their game. Lies, fabrication, and deception is their trademark. Honorable Fela Kuti described it as ” democrazy party,” demonstration of crazy!

We are tired of the craziness! We are tired of the cheat! We are tired of the mischief! We are tired of the division!

Now, brothers and sisters, let us publish the demonstration of crazy at the polls this fall by voting conservative candidates.

A vote for liberals is a vote against American traditional family values.
A vote for a Democrat is a vote against our law enforcement officers. Do you remember Obama response whenever there was a police shooting involving a black male? He passes judgment before investigation… Bias in chief was his name and divider in chief was his game!

A vote for Democrats is a vote against religious liberty and the right to bear arm. 

If you are from the military family, do not vote democrats. They want to cut military budget so that our adversaries can lead in the hypersonic weapon and cyberwarfare age. While the anti-Americans aged, dead and gone, our children will be left with a militarily and economically inferior nation!

Reject Trumpphobians at the polls this fall. Reject Liberians! Reject the Democrats this Fall.  Let them pay a high price for their crimes against our community.

God blessed America!

God blessed our most intelligent, dynamic and patriotic president in modern times.

Jah Punish the hates!

The Rastaman come to break down Babylon and set Jah Children Free from democrazy and the demonstration of crazy. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!