I will be your next president, Get Over It!


When I declared my intention to run for the Presidency of Liberia, it was no stranger who rebuked and rejected my candidacy but some of my immediate colleagues like Charles Goodridge and even family members.

Charles Goodridge wrote on Facebook ” your militancy and harsh rhetoric is not the tactics to win Liberians over. I know you don’t have the temperament nether the skills to be president. I’m not sure about your intelligence either. This is coming from someone who has known you for more than 10 years. The Jacob I knew isn’t the same person I see making these outrageous comments. You seem to be very anti-social.”

Questions for Charles Goodridge
1. What are the outrageous statements? By being pro-Trump makes me outrageous? Charles and I fundamentally disagree on the question of Hillary and President Trump’s fitness to become President of the United States.  I am proud to be a passionate Trump supporter and not a supporter of hypocrites like Crooked Hillary and gay President Obama who do not have the courage to fulfill their campaign promises.

2. Charles what do you mean by “anti-social.” By being a conservative makes me an anti-social? We have had this conversation many times. What I told you in private, is also my public views. President Trump is the best thing that ever happened to  America. He is God’s gift to this great nation. If Crooked Hilary was elected, she and the Democrats would have destroyed this great nation beyond repair like Libya.

Most African immigrants and some African Americans have been brainwashed by the fake news cartel to believe that President Trump is our enemy but None can point to a specific crime that President Trump has committed against our community.  But, it was Obama and Clinton who actually hurt our community. Obama cowardly promised us immigration reform twice and failed to deliver. Today, the immigration crisis in America is a deliberate creation of the Democrats to paint President Trump in a negative light so that they can continue to use our community for their selfish political agendas.

I am not the first to be rejected by my own, and neither would I be the last. Lord Jesus was also rejected by his own people more than two thousand years ago” A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house”(Mark 6:4).

Therefore, I am not surprised for a man like Charles Goodridge who benefited from my creation and ingenuity to slandered and propagate fake news against my ability to lead my beloved country from the current state of social and political decadence to a new republic based on the rule of law, human rights, and sustainable development.

Charles Goodridge’s masonic craft and gay colleagues must be extremely terrified by the prospect of my presidency because we are on a mission to destroy those satanic cultures in our society and unapologetically make Liberia a great nation in Africa just like how President Trump is making America great again!


Charles Goodridge did not experience the genocidal war his political idol Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor prosecuted against us in the 1990s and early 2000s. Charles has no grasp of what we went through. The lost of a loved one from a distance is a different experience from witnessing the rape, torture, and killing of your loved ones and immediate family members. Perpetually living with the physical pain of the war is far greater than losing a loved one from a distance.

Every time I feel the tingling in my leg, it reminds me of the terror we suffered at the hands of those barbarians who are currently ruling our beloved country like as an abused bastard child.

Many Liberians Like Charles Goodridge who did not experience the war have accepted the timid tendency of forgiveness without accountability. Likeys of Charles Goodridge wants us to move ahead without addressing our painful history. It is like doing the same thing over and over and having the same outcome.

This defines stupidity!

Although Charles knows my ability to turn tragedies into opportunity, pseudo pride and envy have hardened his heart from the truth. Although Charles benefited from my distinguished leadership and service to the Staten Island community, he consciously elects to support his oppressors.

This shows that Charles Goodridge suffers from Stockholm syndrome phenomenon like many other Liberians in his shoes.

In the same fashion, I warned Charles and many Liberians on Staten Island against supporting Crooked Hillary’s buddy Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but Charles and his masonic craft associates refused to listen. Today, Liberia is still one of the poorest countries in the world after attracting more than 19 billion foreign direct investment during murderer Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s criminal rule.

Charles, if your definition of qualification is based on membership into satanic cults like mosaic craft or gay sex, then I am sorry to say that I am not going to follow your standards.

Despite acquiring MBAs, I sacrificed nine years serving my fellow immigrants from Liberia and other African countries including anyone in need while people like Charles  Goodridge were working for their personal benefits and supporting our oppressors like Ellen Jonnson Sirleaf who disgracefully sent us into exile.

Charles Goodridge’s passionate rejection of my candidacy is motivated by insecurity and petty jealousy because he does not have the courage to contest the presidency of Liberia. I can sure Charles and all the haters that I will be the next President of Liberia. Incompetent lying Weah cannot stand my organizational skills and intellectual firepower, neither my distinguished voluntary service to our community both in Liberia and in the US.

Let it be known that I will make incompetent lying Weah a one-term President of Liberia. In fact, Weah has already destroyed himself by going into an unholy political alliance with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor who destroyed our beloved country. I will just finish him up at the polls!

3. On the question of temperament and skills. What skills are you referring to Charles? Stealing public funds or having sex in another man’s ass? Being a member of the Satanic Masonic craft or slandering someone who has sacrificially dedicated his time to helping his community? Charles, please define the knowledge, skills, and abilities one needs to become the President of Liberia. The idiots who ruled our country before us, what skills and knowledge they had that I don’t have? How many degrees does one need to become the  President of Liberia? How many successful businesses do you have to create before you become the president of Liberia?

Charles and his Freemason brothers, I will not join your satanic organization. You need to get over Dotorroots, I am your next President. Be prepared to dismantle your temples because I will criminalize all masonic craft activities in Liberia, seize the temples and transform it into public schools and hospitals on day one of my presidency. So help me God!!!!!

The so-called Liberian career politicians, advocates, and so-called professionals like Charles Goodridge unpatriotic tendencies permitted any Tom, Dick, Harris, Murderer Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and an incompetent football player like George Weah to become President of Liberia at our detriment!

The challenge before us requires someone with multidisciplinary skills and backgrounds who have been tested time and time again. A job creator and not a job seeker. A patriotic Liberian and not a faithless Liberian who is waiting for Lord Jesus to come from heaven to liberate Liberia from the hands of the oppressors who are currently oppressing our people.

The challenge any of my critics to evaluate my public and private records compare to their former and president leaders, I am the most qualified candidate with respect to knowledge, skills, and abilities. In addition, service, and dedication to my fellow countrymen both in Liberia and in the diaspora.  I believe that government position is an opportunity to voluntarily serve your country but not a vehicle for wealth accumulation.

My opponents like Charles Goodridge are deeply terrified because I am going to put a break on their gravy train. Liberians are accustomed to smooth talkers like Obama and Hillary, who says one thing and does the contrary. I am not a politician but a war victim fighting for the liberation of my beloved country from the oppressive ideology of impunity, corruption, and social exclusion.

I have both practical and theoretical experience in the profit and not for profit world including the international world and the diplomatic community.  I am not one of the ignorant tom, dick, and Harris, but a well-trained and disciplined savvy Liberian professional who is well prepared to fundamentally transform Liberia from the current state of political and social decadence into a modern state in Africa based on the rule of law, accountability, and sustainable development.

I have well-thought-out radical transformational plans for Liberia. With time, I will gradually share my ideas for the new Liberia with the public. Only the beneficiaries of the current oppressive regime in Liberia would oppose my presidency.

Make no mistake, I have been in the business of advocacy and politicking for years and I know my allies and foes from their statements. I do not need a feeble-minded faithless person like Charles Goodridge who is waiting for Lord Jesus Christ to come down from heaven to liberate Liberia from the hands of the oppressors in my camp, but rather people of faith and determination.

I am the next president of Liberia, you either accept me or get over it! Incompetent lying Weah will be a one term President. I represent the victims. If you are a Liberian war victim, this is our movement. This is our moment to champion our own cause. Only us, the victims understand what we went through. No one will do it for us, only us! If you were born in the 1960s, 1970s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, this is our moment.

The Liberian career politicians and so-called men and women of gods have neglected our cause for years with impunity! For them, we should forgive without repentance. The scripture is crystal clear about repentance and forgiveness. There cannot be forgiveness without repentance ( Luke 17-3, Proverbs 28:13; Acts 8:22; Luke 15:10; Matthew 3:8 ; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Acts 2:38; 2 Corinthians 7:9 ; Romans 2:5,etc.).

The divine law of forgiveness demands repentance before forgiveness. Only those with a repentance heart deserve forgiveness. Therefore, shame on the money eaters who claimed to be men and women of gods, but only preach forgiveness without repentance. Brutes like Prince Y. Jonnson, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Lewis Brown, Eugene Nagbe, Madam Taylor including the incompetent lying Weah’s NPFL handlers do not deserve Liberian war victims forgiveness but harsh punishment to serve as deterrence.

Our campaign is a ministry and not politics as usual. I am not better than those who died on that fateful night of July 29, 1990, at the St. Peters Lutheran Church, Sinkor Monrovia. Neither am I more righteous than all those who lives were untimely destroyed by Taylor and Ellen’s instruments of war, but God Almighty preserved my life for a great mission.

Over these years, God has disciplined me through the test of time and taught me the principles of charity, hard work, patience, delay gratification, determination, and the ability to transform adversities into opportunities. Failures into success. Rejection into acceptance. I believe that you have the ability to transform your imagination into reality. Your destiny is in your hands. Prayer without work is dead. I believe that success is the product of colossal failures. Fear is the enemy of success!

My candidacy was ordained by Jah Almighty God of Israel on the fateful night of July 29, 1990. I do not need backstabbers, fair-weather friends, sycophants, hypocrites and feeble-minded insecure men and women like Charles Goodridge to endorse me, but faithful men and women who passionately love God and themselves.

If you don’t love God, you cannot love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you can love anyone. As it is written,” love your neighbors as yourself,” Mark 12:31. Hence, many of my present and future critics are essentially faithless people who do not believe in themselves. They believe that God will send them a supernatural man or woman to liberate Liberia. Some still believe in corrupt opportunistic career Liberian politicians like Charles Brumnskine, Alex Cummings, Kwame Clement and others who have over the years cooperated with the status quo, I am sorry for them, our campaign is determined to prosecute both the public and private records of career politicians and their allies.

We will unapologetically prosecute the public and private records of career Liberian politicians and chameleon advocates of convenience with vigor and unmask their shenanigans.

For us, this is not politics as usual, but a life or death liberation mission which we take very personally.  Failure is not an option! We will no longer permit scrum begs to rule our country in the fashion of murderer Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and lying incompetent Weah.

Charles and other critics, if you believe that you are competent and ready to lead Liberia, I urge you to have the courage to announce your candidacy and stop being a postal child for career Liberian politicians.

I will be your next President. Get over it!