Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia,
Happy July 26, 2018:

Today, Liberia is celebrating her 171st Independence. But, while some Liberians are feasting and celebrating the birth anniversary of the oldest country in Africa, many of our compatriots lack the basic necessities of life; food, shelter, safe drinking water, electric power, health care, safe roads, education, among others.

After attracting more than 19 billion United States dollar worth of foreign direct investment and over five billion debt relief,  in addition to electing the first female president in Africa with an overwhelming Western government, celebrities and businessmen and women support, Liberia still tops the list of one of the poorest nations in the world.

This makes one wonder, what have we achieved for the last 170 years? What happened to the 19 billion dollar investment in the various sectors of Liberia? What happened to the peace and reconciliation process? What happened to the John Molu’s audit report? What happened to the TRC recommendations? On what basis did the Nobel peace committee award the 2011 Peace Prize to Ellen? How did an incompetent football player become president of a nation endowed with many technocrats, doctors, engineers, teachers,  intellectuals, etc.?

The fundamental answer to these important questions  is that Liberia has been under siege by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf criminal enterprise since April 14, 1979.

Like Gilbert Chase wrote in his most famous Gospel folk hymns “Amazing Grace.” “I was once lost, but now I see.” We were all misled by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf criminal enterprise at some point. But with discipline and ardent scholarship, armed with knowledge and facts, we have unmasked the euphoria and aura that  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her cronies used over the decades to manipulate and abuse Liberians. It is about time to hold Ellen accountable for all the crimes perpetrated against Liberia and the people of Liberia.

Compatriots, based on our extensive research over the past twenty years, we can conclusively and confidently inform you that we have empirical evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Madam Sirleaf is the primary culprit and key mastermind of the demise of Liberia from April 14, 1979 – Present. However, she is not alone in this satanic enterprise, she collaborated with a few self-centered Liberians and some members of the deposed TWP hegemony.

God’s willing, when the proposed Economic and war Crimes Court shall have been established, we will present our evidence to facilitate the conviction of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf along with her cronies and footsoldiers.

Should nature or other clandestine causes of death deny us the privileges to present the evidence alive, we have also taken appropriate measures to protect the mountain of evidence in our possession.

In short, let it be known that neither death nor any order crippling circumstances shall destroy the mountain of evidence we have uncovered against those heartless barbaric idiots who destroyed our beloved country.

We recognize that we are fighting an inherently evil hegemony headed by the queen of all wars in Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. To summarize, the below chronicles of events in Liberia might interest you:

1. The 1979 rice riot that led to the anarchy which resulted in the massacre of mostly aborigines who were simply protesting against an unjust food security policy. Following the rice riot catastrophic, President William Richard Tolbert immediately instituted a Commission to investigate the root causes of the conflict. The Commission was named “ The Brownell Commission.” Headed by Netti Sieh Brownell, the commission promptly concluded its work and submitted its findings a few weeks after it was created. In the report, the Commission recommended among others but not limited to the following;  ;’

a. That the Tolbert Government dismiss all charges including treason against the protest leaders.
b. Free all those incarcerated as the result of the protest.
c. That the Tolbert government suspend the National Police Director, the Minister of Agriculture ( Florence A. Chenoweth, Sirleaf Agriculture minister), and the Minister of Finance ( Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President).
2. Upon receipt of the report, President Tolbert convened an emergency meeting with his intergovernmental committee comprised of the leadership of both House of Senate and Representative; key cabinet ministers as well as his national security team. At the meeting, he was ill-advised not to make the report public and also not to suspend and investigate the government officials recommended for further investigation. The Minister of Agriculture, Finance, and National Police Director got away with the brutal murder of several innocent people, mostly aborigines with impunity.

3. April 12, 1980, Coup d’etat that overthrow the True Whig Party Americo Liberian/Pioneer Children/Congo hegemony. Paradoxically, the central argument for the coup was “rampant corruption.” But the Finance Minister who is the custodian of the national treasury was never charged nor interrogated, but rather rewarded with a handsome position as head of the Liberian Bank of Development and Investment (LBDI). Has anyone wondered why Ellen, as finance minister was left off the hook? But instead, the military junta maliciously arrested and conducted a kangaroo military tribunal headed by Chea Cheapoo ( AKA Joseph Chesson) in which 13 prominent cabinet ministers of the deposed TWP were convicted for rampant corruption without any legal representation and brutally executed by firing squad on April 22, 1980. For all intents and purposes, those prominent Liberians deserve equal justice like anyone else. Chea Cheapoo, George Boley, Fahnbulleh, Sawyer, and Tipoteh, and the rest of the so-called progressives who instigated the barbaric murder of the 13 deposed TWP officials are walking freely in Monrovia with impunity. The good news is that they have all congregated at the table of what we described as the “criminal enterprise”. Are Ellen and Florence complacent in the 1980 coup d’etat? Of course, we will vigorously seek the prosecution of the peer for their role in the death of our brothers and sisters on April 14, 1979, and their role in the so-called military coup including the horrific death of the 13 TWP officials. More questions than answers!

Today, Tolbert is dead, Ellen, Florence and all the so-called progressives who aided the horrific murdered of Tolbert and the 13 cabinet ministers of the deposed TWP are running Liberia like an abused child. Corruption, nepotism, kleptocracy, human rights violations, high display of incompetence and all forms of mischief is the regular trademark of what we referred to as the “criminal enterprise occupying Monrovia”—–the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government which was transformed into the so-called “pro-poor” CDC government headed by the most incompetent leader Liberia ever had, George Weah.

In the same minor, that Madam Sirleaf and Chenoweth ill-advised President Tolbert not to publish and implement the Brownell report and got away with the horrific murder of our people on that fateful day of April 14, 1979, and April 22, 1980, Ellen and her buddies have also failed to implement the TRC report and all other reports including the more than 75 audit reports implicating some of her cronies and immediate family members.

Moreover, in a desperate attempt to escape justice, Madam Sirleaf cowardly betrayed her most loyal friend and two-term Vice President Honorable Joseph N. Boakai in favor of an incompetent lying football player, George Weah as her scapegoat to perpetuate the Sirleaf criminal enterprise. Hence, the Congress for Democratic Change government of George Weah is an extension of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf criminal enterprise.

Fellow compatriots, make no mistake, the bad news for Ellen and her cronies is that we are living in a different dispensation. In this age, with the power of information technology, information is easily assessable. Those who have the ability to exercise discipline and scholarship to research information, analyze it, and use it to their advantage will always be ahead of the game.

The differentiator between the rich and poor in this dispensation is information. Our source of information and how we consume and use information is critical to survival in this information age. Ellen can not hide!

The Question of UL Student Protest and Arrest

The Victims movement vehemently condemns the harassment, intimidation, arrest, and torture of some University of Liberia student. The government of Liberia is a lawless entity that failed to implement and follow the dictate of the Liberia constitutions and all statutory laws including the law demanding public officials declaration of assets.

George Weah and his so-called CDC pro-poor government officials refusal to declare their assets have undermined the very foundation of accountability and trust by the Liberian people. As such, the Weah government has reduced itself into a petty criminal enterprise controlled by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Laws were made by God to regulate human conduct in society in an unbiased fashion. But, when a government conveniently apply laws selectively, that government loses its credibility. The CDC government has lost its credibility with the Liberian people and therefore intends on governing through brute force like Samuel Doe, Charles Taylor, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Fellow Liberians, make no mistake. No one has a monopoly over violence. The Liberian history has taught us a painful lesson. Samuel Doe employed violence and violence destroyed him. Taylor employed violence and violence destroyed him. Ellen used violence and violence exposed her and awaiting her demise. Therefore, the CDC government threat of violence against peaceful protestors amounts to the demise of the Weah so-called “ pro-poor” incompetent government.

Liberian war victims will not tolerate any violence against our compatriots. Without declaring asset, the CDC government is essentially a criminal enterprise. Plain and simple!

George Weah has to account for his new mansion as everyone else who served in the Ellen Sirleaf criminal enterprise. Liberians will no longer permit the pillaging of our natural and human resources for personal wealth.

Any attempt to employ brute force against peaceful protesters will be met with a proportional response of a greater magnitude. We have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of a few insignificant uncultured barbarians who professed to be humans. It is the fact that the political leader of the CDC and current President of Liberia was selected by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in exchange for protection from prosecution.

Fellow Liberians, be not deceived, our country is at a crossroad, and we have a fundamental question to ask yourself. Which type of nation do we want to build? Should we continue on the same path that we have been following since 1980?

If your answer is no, then join us in supporting the Student Unification Party and all other grassroots advocacy groups campaigning for justice for Liberian war victims. We believe that Government is an opportunity for serving your compatriots and not a vehicle for wealth accumulation.

Time to Hold Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Accountable: Any Attack on Peaceful Protestors is an Attack on All Liberian War Victims, We will resist!

Aluta- Continua

The Press and Publicity Bureau
The Party of the Oppressed!
The Liberian War Victims Party!