I am Jacob Dunzuah Massaquoi,II., a bonafide son of Nimba, from Zoe Geh district with a town named after me ” Dunzuah Town.” My district was partitioned into two districts by Prince Johnson at the expense of my people. As a son of Nimba, I am ashamed of Prince Y. Johnson. He is a tribalist, self-aggrandizing political vampire, and a poppet of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and partners who masterminded the cruel death of our elders Hon. Jackson F. Doe, Hon. Steven B. Daniels, Hon. David Dwanyen and others in 1990.

It is disrespectful to Liberian war victims for Peace Y. Johnson to continue projecting the strong man image  persona while his victims psychologically bleed in agony and pain for justice. Do you honestly think Liberia is at peace when thousands of its citizens are grieving and crying for justice? Do you think that Prince Y. Johnson is untouchable or invincible? If you do, think about Charles Taylor!

Nimba does not belong to Prince Johnson. He a perfect example of an android programmed to murder his own people. Think about this, what type of hero and freedom fighter would arrest a woman, tortured her on live screen and execute her with out due process? What type of war hero would kill innocent people just for fun? The Mandingos and Krahn he murdered in cold blood, don’t he think that they have right to life too? How about all his followers he executed without due process? Do you know how many sons and daughters of Nimba that Prince Y. Johnson executed? Do you know how many innocent Liberians Prince Y. Johnson Executed? Do you know how many children he transformed into his killing machines?

I am aware that some of his tribalist followers in my county  would argue that President Samuel Doe policy of eliminating Nimba citizens provoked Prince Y. Johnson and others to Kill Krhan and Mandingos. Sadly, most of the innocent Krah and Mandingos killed by the NPFL and INPFL forces were innocent, they nothing to do with Does crimes against the people of Nimba. In fact, many of the victims innocently went to either the NPFL or INPFL for refuge but, unfortunately, they were barbarically massacred in cold blood.

In the same vein, innocent  sons and daughters of Nimba were hunted and murdered in cold blood by the Doe forces across the country. Two wrongs can’t make right. That  is which we are pursuing the avenue of justice as a means of justly confronting our painful history.

As a patriotic Liberian, enlightened son of Nimba, and one of the victims of Charles Taylor and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s genocidal war, it is my obligation to speak and write truth to power. No more political correctness, a brute should be called what it is! Prince Johnson is a mass murderer and a corrupt beast who deserves to be published like everyone else in his shoes.

The Ellen Johnson Factor

What role did Ellen Johnson Sirleaf play? Why has Ellen been suddenly silent on the TRC debate?

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, Ellen have no reason to speak out, her partners and footsoldiers such as Prince Y. Johnson is doing a fantastic job by threatening everyone in Liberia with war and choirs. This is exactly what Ellen anticipated when she refuses to implement the TRC recommendations in the presence of 15 thousand strong UN peacekeeping force on the ground. Ellen and her strategists knew that without the presence of an external peacekeeping force, brutes like Prince Y. Johnson would exhibit the image of invincibility by threatening the nation with more violence and thereby inducing the atmosphere of fear  in the citizenry. The goal ultimate goal  is to  torpedo the implementation of the TRC recommendations.

In the presence of 15 thousand UN Peacekeeping forces including police officers from many countries,  and with the explicit support of the Obama administration through Ellen’s connection with Crooked Hillary, Ellen successfully managed to deny Liberia war victims justices for 12 years. And in an attempt to maintain the status quo of impunity, she supported an idiotic football player George Weah campaign for  President  over her loyal Vice President Honorable Joseph Boakai.

Although Ellen was indicted by a statutory body, the Liberian TRC commission, she invaded justice with the aid of her international partners such as Haward University, Standford University, Oprah Winfrey, the Nobel Committee, the fake news networks ( CNN. MSNBC, BBC, NY Times, etc.) including fake human rights and feminist organizations in America and  Europe.

Now that the UN peacekeepers are gone, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in collaboration with other war patrons and perpetrators, are using the security vacuum as an excuse for not implementing the Liberian TRC recommendations.

Fellow Liberians, this was a master plan designed to prolong the implementation of the Liberian TRC recommendations so that Ellen can depart this life as a feminist hero. Fellow Liberians, the greatest crime against Liberia is to allow the mother of all evils in Liberia to depart this world with dignity. We must accelerate our effort to bring Ellen to justice.

Price Johnson is a paper tiger, he has no ability to make war. neither the courage to organize any sustainable revote against Liberia and Liberian war victims. There are more good people in Liberia than the less than 500 who terrorize us. The victims are more than lackeys of Prince Johnson and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Warning to George Weah and the CDC

George Weah and his CDC gang of hustlers must understand that without the full implementation of the TRC recommendations, the CDC government will fall like the Taylor NPP government. We will employ every tool at our disposal to force the government to cooperate. George Weah must know that the only reason Ellen permitted the 2017 election to take in Liberia was the  humiliating defeat of her buddy Cooked  Hilary in the  2016 US presidential elections. If Hillary was elected President of the Great United States, Ellen would not have given up power. She would have dubiously contested the 2017 elections and rigged it the same way Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 Democratic Party Primary.

Make no mistake, we are not stupid, we know that the CDC government is effectively the third term of the  Ellen UP government. Ellen is  effectively running Liberia through her poppet, George Weah. Weah’s refusal to implement the TRC recommendations  is the continuation of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s   administration arrogant intransigence.

If Ellen is not guilty of war crime and crimes against humanity, including economic crimes, then why did she reject the implementation of the TRC recommendations? Why did she prematurely terminated the TRC commissioner’s work? Why did the Ellen administration fail to publish the hard copy of the TRC report for public consumption? Why did Ellen try to kill the Chairman of the Liberian TRC Commission, Jerome Verdier? Why did Ellen government stopped funding the TRC website hosting service?


Fellow Liberians, this is not a rocket science, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the driver behind the George Weah CDC refusal to implement the TRC recommendation. The sooner we can arrest and prosecute Ellen Johnson Sirleaf like her foot soldier Tom Woewiyu and Charles Taylor, and win a conviction, her poppet Prince Y. Johnson will continue to terrorize the Liberian public with threats of war and choirs.

Nimba county does not belong to Prince Y. Johnson.





The patrons of the Liberian genocidal war have covertly aligned with morally bankrupt leaders of Liberian organizations both in the diaspora and at home with the malicious intent and purpose to distract and deceive the Liberian public and friends of Liberia on the overall objectives of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) process  and the application of the TRC Commissioner’s report  in relation to the achievement of lasting peace in Liberia. The purpose of this article is to unmask the wolf in sheep’s clothing while defending the general interests of Liberian war victims.

Unmasking the Union of Liberian Association in the Americas (ULAA) diabolical scam against Liberian war victims.

Emmanuel Wetee, former President of ULAA and his so-called  ULAA  dual citizenship campaign is a fraud designed to undermine Liberian war victims genuine campaign for the full implementation of the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA), which was transformed into law called the ” The TRC Act of 2005.

In summary, in the interests of peace, several provisions in the Liberian constitution were abrogated to accommodate the war-lords and their patrons who destroyed our beloved country during the course of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor’s genocidal war.

Now, when it comes to the fulfillment of the war patrons obligations to Liberian war victims and the Liberian people under the same peace agreement which brought them into power, they politicize, philosophize, analyze, elaborate and propagate erroneously flawed legal, political, moral and spiritual arguments against the implementation of the TRC recommendations.

Consequently, no one has been held accountable for the fourteen years of carnage and barbarism in Liberia. Make no mistake, no one has a monopoly over violence, neither anyone one is more Liberian than another. The continued failures of successive Liberian governments to implement the TRC  recommendations as contained in the Final TRC Report of 2009 create an atmosphere of chaos and undermine the peace and security of Liberia and the sub-region.

Do not take our patience for weakness, neither our attempt to pursue a peaceful resolution to our painful history as a surrounder to impunity. We are neither fools or ignorant to know that the deliberate intransigence and arrogant failures of successive Liberian governments to implement the CPA is a well-orchestrated plan by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and partners in crimes who masterminded the destruction of our beloved country to permanently ensepulcher the horrendous crimes perpetrated against Liberia,  humanity, including economic crimes.

Many leaders of Liberian organizations in the diaspora and at home have also aided and abetted the gross abuse and provocations against Liberian war victims. Emmanuel Wetee and his so-called ULAA dual citizenship campaign are one of the diabolical wolves stealthily disguised in the color of an advocate but historically, the ULAA team overtly and covertly cooperated with Ellen in the formation and execution of the NPFL genocide war. In 2005,  Convicted war criminal Thomas Woewiyu exposed ULAA’s role in the destruction of Liberia in a letter to Ellen Johnson.

Instead of working concertedly with Liberian  war victim groups to pressure Ellen  Johnson Sirleaf criminal enterprise which is holding our people hostage in Liberia, this clown and his ULAA partners like Anthony Kessely  deliberately colluded with Ellen in an effort  to divert diaspora Liberians from the actual issues preventing constitutional reform to confront antiquity in the Liberia laws to meet present challenges as enshrined in the 2003 CPA.

Some of these present challenges include the question of the citizenship of Liberian diaspora who have obtained citizenships in their respective homes of refuge; term limit for elected public officials; the ten-year residency clause in the current Liberian constitution; among others.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, our patience is running out. We can not continue to wait while less than 500 people in the population of over 4 million deliberately circumvent the law, legal agreements, and international treaties in the advancement of their selfish political ambitions.

Fellow Liberians, make no mistake, freedom is not cheap. Let us not wait until things get out of hand before we take action. The Liberian people are not stupid, neither crazy nor ignorant,  the war patrons have taken advantage of Liberian generosity and willingness to forgive for granted. One can not grant forgiveness in the absence of repentance. Forgiveness and repentance are complimentary, one can not exist without the other.

For years, the corrupt men of God like Bishop Innis of the Liberian Council of Churches and other so-called men and women of gods have deceived the Liberia masses with the foolish philosophy of ” let-bad-gone-be-bad-gone.” The philosophy of empty forgiveness without accountability is “blanket amnesty,” which has emboldened the murderer and corrupt beast like Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba country.

Fellow Liberians, if Liberia is to move forward in the 21st century and become a great nation, we must confront our painful history. There is no other way around the question of accountability for Liberian war victims and the massive economic crimes being perpetrated against Liberia and the people of Liberia today.

For my brothers and sisters from Nimba and Grand Gedeh who are concern about the TRC implementation, may I state that I  am a proud son of Nimba, I will not participate in any effort the would undermine our country and Nimba, or hurt my brothers and sisters. Therefore, the question of justice is not limited to war crimes court, but include the palava hut intervention mechanism advanced in the TRC recommendations, which I strongly support.

To former special forces of the NPFL and every one who may have participated in the war in some ways, accountability for the war will put war profiteers like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and partners in crime who orchestrated the NPFL genocidal war on Liberia out of business forever. You do not have the financial capacity to purchase AK-47, RPG, GMG, BZT, etc.  Essentially,   the NPFL war planners strategically planted the seed of discord amongst members of the leadership of the  People’s Redemption Council (PRC), with a devastating outcome that produced a horrendous purged within the PRC and ethnic cleansing of Gios, Minos, Krahn,  and Mandingos across Liberia.

As an enlightened son of Nimba, I am fully aware of how we were manipulated and made to eliminate our elders, scholars, and technocrats including our brothers and sisters from Grand Gedeh county as well as our Mandigo brothers in Nimba and across Liberia in cold blood at the behest of Taylor and Ellen.

Walking down memory lane, at NPFL checkpoints, who did the NPFL thugs arrested, tortured and murdered? Wich tribes did the NPFL eliminated? Was it Congo, Kru , Krah or Mandingo? Was the NPFL looking for Kpelleh, Bassa, etc? The planners of the NPFL war knew that by selectively eliminating Krahn and Mandingos, it would permanently plan the seed of animosity between the sons and daughters of Gios and Minos on the one hand and  Krhan and Mandingos on the other hand.

Consequently, we became double victims. During the early 1990s, no one wanted to rent a house to anyone from the  Krahn, Mandingo, Gio, and Mino tribes in Monrovia, but the rest of the other tribes had no problem finding a place to rent. I am a living witness!

Brothers and sisters. after a deep analysis, you will find out that we were manipulated, programmed  like an Android and used by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her partners in crime in an effort to advance their diabolical political agendas. After 12 years of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s failed and criminal rule,  one can safely conclude that the NPFL war was about economics and not about reform or the advancement of Liberia.

Knowing what we know now,  as sons and daughters of Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Mandingo and anyone who may have participated in the war, we should not be afraid of the implementation of the TRC recommendations.  We are double victims. The proposed war and economic crimes court would provide us with an opportunity to hold our abusers accountable before a competent court of law.  The court will also provide an opportunity for victims to seek redress.

Therefore, I am urging all patriotic Liberians to not fall for the Sirleaf scam that the TRC  report was designed to punish  the sons and daughters of Nimba and Grand Gedeh including child soldiers. Ellen must understand that many of our relatives and immediate family members joined the war project either for personal protection or in defense of their kinsmen.

Make no mistake,  we are aware of fair weather advocates who have been planted by Ellen and her partners in crimes within the ranks of the war and economic crimes court campaigners to distort the primary objectives of the TRC  and create fear on the minds of our brothers and sisters from Nimba and Grand Gedeh. This evil plan only benefits the perpetrators and not the victims.

Walking down memory lane, the people of Grand Gedeh and Nimba suffered the most, we lost an unaccountable number of young men and women to the NPFL genocidal war, therefore, anyone who advocates for blanket justice outside international laws and against the spirit of the TRC process is not working in the interests of Liberian war victims but in the interest of Ellen and her gangs of perpetrators.

Many Liberians have no idea on what it feels like to be prosecuted in your own country of birth because of your ethnic background. The Gios, Minos, Krhan, and Mandingo, can relate to what I am trying to explain in a simple text. But,  it was a traumatic nightmare,  I too had to use a pseudo name on the morning following the St. Peter Lutheran Church massacre on July 29, 1990 for survival.

The people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh ( Mandingo, Krhan, Gio, and Mino) will not accept any war crimes court that does not take into consideration the context of the war, the social exclusion by the rest of the ethnic groups that drove young men and women from Nimba and Grand Gedeh into war, and the massive loss of lives we suffered during the course of the war.

I knew from early on that some disgruntled elements in the so-called Liberian human rights community will  collude with perpetrators who masterminded the massacre of our people in an effort to distort the patriotic motive of the Liberian peace process.

Make no mistake,  we are aware that the primary objective of Ellen and Taylor’s  NPFL for  using  Nimba citizens in the elimination of fellow Nimba intellectuals, technocrats and other politically and socially astute Liberian indigenes was to divide,  conquer and  Eliminate any potential indigene political opponents.  Evidentially, if Honorable Jackson F. Doe or  Honorable Gabriel Kpoleh were alive today, the presidential dream of Taylor and Ellen would have died in the rubbish bins of history.

In the same token,  the planners of the NPFL terror have surfaced in the administration of the dumbbell George Weah CDC “pro-crooked” government and instructing him on how to lead our beloved country. Imagine, hiring an arsonist to put off a fire he or she started. How can George Weah lead our country from the current state of social, political, and economic decadence into a nation based on the rule of law, accountability, and sustainable development when he is in the council of the same perpetrators who destroyed our beloved country. To better state,  Weah is incapable of addressing the question of peace and reconciliation because he is beholding to the patrons of the genocidal war.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, make no mistake,  the so-called ULAA dual citizenship campaign is a distraction and part of a  comprehensive campaign by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her partners in crime to distract Liberians from the actual problem facing our people. Dual citizenship has never been our problem, and should not be our problem today. The just implementation of the TRC recommendations will ensure justice for Liberians at all levels; political, social, economic; environmental; ethnic among others.

The treasonous delay on the part the Weah government in the implementation of the TRC report does not promote peace, reconciliation and national development, but a menu for war and further destruction of our beloved country. We will not fall prey to the evil trap but remain resolute in our determination to force the Weah government to meet its obligations under the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Agreements. Any war would provide a  pretext for the criminals to destroy all documentations relating to Sirleaf 12 year criminal rule and her political godson Weah’s CDC criminality.

We will remain focus on a nonviolent path because we believe in the victory of good over evil. No amount of ethnic division or temptation will make us employ violence in pursuit of our ultimate goal of securing justice and accountability for the Ellen and Taylor 14 year barbaric war.

Down with the useless ULAA and all its leaders of job seekers. Liberian war victims shall overcome the temptation of the moment and justice shall very soon take the front and center of the Liberian political discuss.

 May the Lord God Almighty bless Liberia.

Government position is an opportunity to voluntarily and honorably serve your compatriots and not a vehicle for instant wealth accumulation… Jacob massaquoi 2018. 





It does not require a Ph.D. degree to know that the fraudulent Trump campaign Russia collusion investigation is a satanic design to punish anyone with ties to President Trump’s 2016 campaign victory. The ultimate goal is to discredit President Trump and overthrow the will of millions of working-class Americans who voted him to power. Now the truth is out!

Paul Manafort is the chief victim of this satanic design. He is an honorable man who did not allow the evil designers to break him down like the traitor, Micheal Cohen.

The unjust coordinated assault on President Trump by some high profile members of the Obama and Bush administration’s national security team must be considered as a coup d’etat against a legitimately elected President of great America. After the dust is settled, there will be no evidence of collusion. President Trump will still be the President of the great United States. He will complete his first term, and overwhelmingly defeat the satanic cult, Democrats in the 2020 presidential elections.

Make no mistake, this is a war against everyone who voted or supported President Trump’s victory. The never Trump losers delusionally believe that President Trump could not have been elected without the illicit and hustled intervention of Russia, an enemy state.

Based on this erroneous premise, the never Trump losers have designed fabricated conspiracy theories against President Trump’s presidency with the explicit goal of undermining President Trump and reversing the votes of millions of downtrodden American voters who righteously powered President Trump to victory in 2016. It is time to terminate the treasonous Bob Mullar’s Trump campaign Russia collusion investigation to save America from self-destruction.

The cancerous products of the Obama and Bush administrations hawkish and irresponsible foreign policies have made this world a dangerous place. At the time when America’s global leadership is needed the most, the selfish Democratic party politicians in collusion with their fake news cartel are weakening our nation, therefore, who are the enemies of America? President Trump or the fake media coalition of never Trump losers?

Retrospecting and introspecting, the Trump haters would be glad if anyone hurts America during this chaos so that they can have something negative to run on this fall. But, the same God who elected President Trump will not permit such evil design to succeed.

Moving forward, we must not take the anti-Trump crusaders for granted, their primary objective of overthrowing our beloved President has been revealed.  The democratic party leadership has been silent about their diabolical plans of overthrowing the will of Trump voters. But, the  Democratic Congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump. At least, we should give her some credit for being bold and honest about the never Trump crusaders treasonous coup. But, the hypocritical Democratic party leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have cowardly remained silent on the question of President Trump’s impeachment. What a cowardice pretense!

Instead of seeking forgiveness from Senator Burnie Sanders and his supporters who they grossly abused by discounting their votes in favor of Crooked Hillary, the godless cult democratic party leadership have resolved to stage a covert coup d’etat against America, the millions of Trump voters and President Trump.

Plain and simple, the Robert Mueller, Trump Russia campaign collusion investigation is a trojan horse virus that Obama, the Democrats, and the never Trump crusaders installed on the hard drive of the Trump presidency to undermine the credibility of President Trump’s administration and ultimately overthrown the president.

The Presidency of President Trump has largely restored the global leadership of America. Some so-called traditional allies would be glad to see the demise of the Presidency of Trump so that they can fill in the global leadership vacuum left by Obama and Bush which President Trump managed to fill within less than 6 months of his administration. Example, unfair trade deals are being renegotiated; and America enemies like Iran are beginning to feel the heat of the Trump Presidency. The capital of Israel has been moved to Jerusalem, the eternal home. The unemployment rate is at the lowest level since the Regan administration. You can’t make that up!

In conclusion, the aggressive unpatriotic assault on the Presidency of President Trump is nothing more than a display of arrogance and withdrawal symptom from the catastrophic psychological and political defeat of the godless cult Democrats, fake news media, and the never Trump crusaders in 2016.




I am from Zoe Geh District, the same clan as Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ).  I have read his book titled  “ the gun that liberates cannot rule”; watched his TRC testimonies over ten times, and read several articles on him.  I find Prince Y. Johnson to be a  tribalistic, divisive, and vindictive coward with thin skin who broke away from the main NPFL to save his own skin.  The below story by Thomas Domah, edited by  Jonathan Browne of the tribalistic, divisive, and vindictive tendencies of PYJ.

Political leadership in Nimba County is far from being peaceful and cohesive, as a nominee for Development Superintendent, Peter Karngbay from Gbi-Dorlu has been flatly rejected by Senator Prince Yormie Johnson on grounds that citizens of Gbi-Dorlu were his bitter enemies during the Liberian civil war, so he can’t work with them.

Senator Johnson, popularly known as ‘godfather’ of Nimba politics, accuses County Superintendent Dorr Cooper of replacing defeated representative candidate Raily Myres with Peter Karngbay, a son of Gbi-Dorlu district.

Speaking in Ganta City on a community radio station, Senator Johnson complains he who was given the appointing power by President Weah should have been in the know, but Superintendent Cooper never consulted him before making the nomination.

The political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction further discloses that before leaving for Nigeria to the ECOWAS Parliamentary meeting, he submitted a list of names to Superintendent Dorr Cooper for onward submission to President George Weah from which to appoint a Development Superintendent.

The MDR is a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, having lending support to an election of CDC Standard Bearer, George Weah during the runoff Presidential election in 2017.

According to him, the list did not mention Peter Karngbay, but rather a defeated representative candidate from district#5 Raily Myers.

PYJ says he entrusted Superintendent Dorr Cooper with the list, but to his surprise, the superintendent came out with something totally different.

He claims the Superintendent effected changes, including one Joe Wongan to serve as City Mayor of Saclepea, which was changed to Jerry Nyageah.

Since the inclusion of the names of the two men, both Superintendent Cooper and Senator Johnson have been in disagreement over the formation of the county leadership.

During the talk show in the county, Senator Johnson publicly vows he would never appoint a son of Gbi-Dorlu district for any post because the Gbi ethnic group has linked with the Krahn tribe whose members vehemently opposed him during the civil war.

According to sources, since 1976 the people of Gbi-Dorlu had never benefited from local appointment in Nimba.

Citizens from of there have on several occasions threatened to leave the county and join Rivercess County, while others say they prefer crossing over to neighboring Ivory Coast, accusing local authorities here of neglect.

According to them, their district has not benefited from any development. But appearing on Radio Kergheamahn 94.5 FM in Ganta, Superintendent Dorr Cooper counters that Sen. Johnson is aware of the decision that led to the nomination of Peter Karhgbay to serve as development superintendent.

He maintains that all of the names were done with the knowledge of Senator Johnson.

Meanwhile, following pressure from citizens, calling on President Weah to appoint a development superintendent for Nimba, the name of defeated MDR candidate Raily Myres has emerged as Development Superintendent instead.”

 If you are skeptical about the above article, please read the below articles and reconsider your support for PYJ. The man is nothing more than a thin skin coward who has successfully managed to exploit President Doe’s foolish doctrine of eliminating Nimba threat. PYJ learned and mastered the tactics of divide and conquer from his masters like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who trained,  armed and unleashed the beast and another terrorist like wild animals against the people of Liberia.

Sen Prince Johnson Seen on Video Abusing Ms. Watta Allison During Civil War in Liberia

Prince Johnson Cannot Threaten Us

 Late President Doe Family Threatens Legal Action Against Prince Johnson

 Controversial TRC report rocks Liberia

Liberia vote: Prince Johnson backs President Sirleaf

Liberia Trc Report Debate: Prince Johnson Walk Out Of Chambers

Nimba Is Not For Sale Gongloe Reminds Prince Johnson

Senator Prince Johnson Is ‘No More A Formidable Force Any More’ In Nimba Come 2017, – His Kinsman Discloses

MAN IN THE NEWS; A Foe to Be Feared: Prince Yormie Johnson

Samuel Kogar Warns, Sen. Prince Johnson is Threatening His Life

Liberia: Prince Johnson ‘Sentenced My Mother to Death’ – Watta Allison’s Son Breaks SilenceLiberia: Prince Johnson ‘Sentenced My Mother to Death’ – Watta Allison’s Son Breaks Silence

Fellow Liberians,  Nimba citizens, and friends of Liberia, remember the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”  The prolonged silence of prominent sons and daughters of Nimba on the objectionable,  barbaric, unrepentant and unforgiven tendencies of Prince Y. Johnson has emboldened his confidence and further political exploitation of Nimba. If these unpatriotic, undemocratic, unLiberian and unNimba tendencies continue, the division of Nimba into two separate counties will be a reality.

In order to preserve the pride, dignity, peace, tranquility and genuine reconciliation in Nimba, the era of PYJ rule in Nimba must be brought to an urgent end.   PYJ   imposed severe pain and suffering on thousands of Nimba citizens. This brute heartlessly executed many sons and daughters of Nimba without mercy on them. Why should we continue to allow this uncultured beast to rule  Nimba as if Nimba is his personal property?

By divisive and exploitative policies of political and social exclusion, PYJ has planted the seed of division amongst our people. Primarily, Gios and Minos in Nimba. His demonic policies of tribal politics and rampant corruption have exacerbated the land question in Nimba.  Our Mandingo, Krhn, Bassa, Kpelleh including other tribes in Nimba have been marginalized by the demonic divisive and exploitative policies of PYJ. All conscience people of Nimba must understand that PYJ does not represent our interest but his selfish political interests. We must not permit this insignificant beast to usurp power at the expense of our people.

The people of Nimba must be prepared to rename every institution that PYJ built during his senatorial rule in Nimba to serve as a deterrence to future creatures like PYJ. He deserves no honor in Nimba. PYJ  aim is to divide Nimba into small counties of no significance on the Liberian political map like River Gee.

PYJ believes that since he can’t rule Nimba, he must destroy it, therefore, he is building the foundation of division in the county. The idiot does not represent the aspirations of the people of Nimba but his selfish political desire like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor. It is about time to run Prince Johnson, the coward out of town.




Fake News: Unmasking the Liberal Media Hypocrisy and Walking in the Shoes of White America: Why Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election Kindle Edition



The Charlottesville Hypocrisy

On the eve of a planned peaceful protest by historical and cultural preservationists against the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, a college town in Virginia, on Saturday, August 12, 2017, CNN reporter Madison Park wrote the following:

Charlottesville, known as a progressive college town, is bracing for another white nationalist rally scheduled for Saturday. Police anticipate as many as 2,000–6,000 people, including counterprotesters, to converge in the Virginia city, in an event that could be “the largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the United States,” as described by the Southern Poverty Law Center. On Friday night, white nationalists gathered at the University of Virginia and marched holding torches throughout the campus.

The above text was written in a way to delegitimize the legitimate concerns of the historical and cultural preservationists, many of whom happened to be white working-class Americans.

If for preserving monuments for historical and cultural reasons, you are smeared as a sympathizer of the Ku Klux Klan and are, therefore, a white supremacist, then I am the first black white supremacist.

If violent groups like Antifa who are against Confederate statues branded peaceful protestors and heroes, then I do not want to be such an unpatriotic hero.

If it is just for black folks to organize under the umbrella of Black Lives Matter for the exclusive purpose of advancing the welfare of blacks in the United States, equally it should be just for white folks to organize themselves under the umbrella of white lives matter, or whatever name they would want to call it, for the purpose of advancing the welfare of whites in the United States.

This is real  “justice and equality,” not the one-way-street injustice being promoted by fake-news media. Justice is for all, not just one race. Some white folks committed the horrible sin of slavery over three hundred years ago, but why are you attempting to punish this generation of white folks for the sins of their ancestors, which they had nothing to do with?

The anger of white middle-class Americans, many of whom voted for Trump, has nothing to do with racism or white privilege; their choosing Trump was a protest not only against what I would describe as “red-meat capitalism” but also against bad domestic policies, such as the redefinition of the sacred institution of marriage and the twenty-four/seven fake-news bias toward the white race and President Trump’s campaign.

It is about the financial survival of the white economic class. It is about preserving the white race in the United States. It is a struggle to prevent the extinction of the white Christian political power bloc. This is not about the hate or racism being echoed by the fake twenty-four/seven news networks. They know themselves!

African-American and Latino Christian-value voters will soon be targeted and destroyed once the white Christian-value voters are gone. Alarmingly, brothers and sisters in Christ, once the destruction is accomplished, fake-news media and Satan worshipers in Hollywood will reign supreme in the United States. Artificial intelligence machines will take over our lives, and God will be totally removed from our society. Immorality and Satan worship will take over the United States.

Therefore, do not let fake news and the so-called think tanks and other anti-Christian-value groups intimidate you. Our numbers are greater than theirs, which is why we won in 2016. Keep up the fight; don’t give up your guns and religion for cheap, for the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end (Ecclesiastes 9:11).

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Book 3D.jpg
FaceBook has now become an effective anticonservative social media platform. The so-called suspected Russian network of pages taken down are actually US based authentic conservative authors, bloggers, and activists.

My publicist informed me yesterday that the new Facebook page created with an email address ( for my new book titled ” Fake News: Unmasking the Liberal Media Hypocrisy and Walking in the Shoes of White America: Why Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election,” was taken down.

What a shame!

I demand facebook to immediately restore my page within 24 hours otherwise, the conservative cyberwarriors will mount an aggressive PR campaign against Facebook. As a public holding company, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have an obligation to the general public and not the liberal conspiracy of Trump campaign Russia collusion political witch hunt. Mark Zuckerberg’s capitulation to the liberals and the never Trump Republican losers will ultimately lead to the demise of Facebook.

As I dialectically deconstruct, synthesize, expose and intellectually dismantled the wicked “trojan horse” called  FBI Special Counsel Trump Campaign Russia Collision Investigation  headed by Bob Mueller in my book, the so-called Bob Mueller investigation is essentially a palace coup against President Trump and the will of the downtrodden  American working class who voted him to power. I urge you to get a copay of my book on Amazon beginning Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

Make no mistake, we are fully aware that the Russiaphobia in Washington is actually about overthrowing the Trump administration and bringing back business as usual in Washington: Big government interfering with our religions and traditional family life in addition to denying our rights to bear arms; unfair trade deals; foreign military intervention on credit cards; undermining our law enforcement officers ability to keep us safe; open borders; biological warfare against our daughters and sisters -abortion; and many other liberal anti-religion stupidity.

Facebook has a choice to be a legitimate social media platform or a liberal propaganda too. You decide!