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FaceBook has now become an effective anticonservative social media platform. The so-called suspected Russian network of pages taken down are actually US based authentic conservative authors, bloggers, and activists.

My publicist informed me yesterday that the new Facebook page created with an email address (operation.fakenews2020@gmail.com) for my new book titled ” Fake News: Unmasking the Liberal Media Hypocrisy and Walking in the Shoes of White America: Why Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election,” was taken down.

What a shame!

I demand facebook to immediately restore my page within 24 hours otherwise, the conservative cyberwarriors will mount an aggressive PR campaign against Facebook. As a public holding company, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have an obligation to the general public and not the liberal conspiracy of Trump campaign Russia collusion political witch hunt. Mark Zuckerberg’s capitulation to the liberals and the never Trump Republican losers will ultimately lead to the demise of Facebook.

As I dialectically deconstruct, synthesize, expose and intellectually dismantled the wicked “trojan horse” called  FBI Special Counsel Trump Campaign Russia Collision Investigation  headed by Bob Mueller in my book, the so-called Bob Mueller investigation is essentially a palace coup against President Trump and the will of the downtrodden  American working class who voted him to power. I urge you to get a copay of my book on Amazon beginning Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

Make no mistake, we are fully aware that the Russiaphobia in Washington is actually about overthrowing the Trump administration and bringing back business as usual in Washington: Big government interfering with our religions and traditional family life in addition to denying our rights to bear arms; unfair trade deals; foreign military intervention on credit cards; undermining our law enforcement officers ability to keep us safe; open borders; biological warfare against our daughters and sisters -abortion; and many other liberal anti-religion stupidity.

Facebook has a choice to be a legitimate social media platform or a liberal propaganda too. You decide!