Fake News: Unmasking the Liberal Media Hypocrisy and Walking in the Shoes of White America: Why Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election Kindle Edition



The Charlottesville Hypocrisy

On the eve of a planned peaceful protest by historical and cultural preservationists against the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, a college town in Virginia, on Saturday, August 12, 2017, CNN reporter Madison Park wrote the following:

Charlottesville, known as a progressive college town, is bracing for another white nationalist rally scheduled for Saturday. Police anticipate as many as 2,000–6,000 people, including counterprotesters, to converge in the Virginia city, in an event that could be “the largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the United States,” as described by the Southern Poverty Law Center. On Friday night, white nationalists gathered at the University of Virginia and marched holding torches throughout the campus.

The above text was written in a way to delegitimize the legitimate concerns of the historical and cultural preservationists, many of whom happened to be white working-class Americans.

If for preserving monuments for historical and cultural reasons, you are smeared as a sympathizer of the Ku Klux Klan and are, therefore, a white supremacist, then I am the first black white supremacist.

If violent groups like Antifa who are against Confederate statues branded peaceful protestors and heroes, then I do not want to be such an unpatriotic hero.

If it is just for black folks to organize under the umbrella of Black Lives Matter for the exclusive purpose of advancing the welfare of blacks in the United States, equally it should be just for white folks to organize themselves under the umbrella of white lives matter, or whatever name they would want to call it, for the purpose of advancing the welfare of whites in the United States.

This is real  “justice and equality,” not the one-way-street injustice being promoted by fake-news media. Justice is for all, not just one race. Some white folks committed the horrible sin of slavery over three hundred years ago, but why are you attempting to punish this generation of white folks for the sins of their ancestors, which they had nothing to do with?

The anger of white middle-class Americans, many of whom voted for Trump, has nothing to do with racism or white privilege; their choosing Trump was a protest not only against what I would describe as “red-meat capitalism” but also against bad domestic policies, such as the redefinition of the sacred institution of marriage and the twenty-four/seven fake-news bias toward the white race and President Trump’s campaign.

It is about the financial survival of the white economic class. It is about preserving the white race in the United States. It is a struggle to prevent the extinction of the white Christian political power bloc. This is not about the hate or racism being echoed by the fake twenty-four/seven news networks. They know themselves!

African-American and Latino Christian-value voters will soon be targeted and destroyed once the white Christian-value voters are gone. Alarmingly, brothers and sisters in Christ, once the destruction is accomplished, fake-news media and Satan worshipers in Hollywood will reign supreme in the United States. Artificial intelligence machines will take over our lives, and God will be totally removed from our society. Immorality and Satan worship will take over the United States.

Therefore, do not let fake news and the so-called think tanks and other anti-Christian-value groups intimidate you. Our numbers are greater than theirs, which is why we won in 2016. Keep up the fight; don’t give up your guns and religion for cheap, for the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end (Ecclesiastes 9:11).

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