I am from Zoe Geh District, the same clan as Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ).  I have read his book titled  “ the gun that liberates cannot rule”; watched his TRC testimonies over ten times, and read several articles on him.  I find Prince Y. Johnson to be a  tribalistic, divisive, and vindictive coward with thin skin who broke away from the main NPFL to save his own skin.  The below story by Thomas Domah, edited by  Jonathan Browne of thenewdawnliberia.com.-demonstrates the tribalistic, divisive, and vindictive tendencies of PYJ.

Political leadership in Nimba County is far from being peaceful and cohesive, as a nominee for Development Superintendent, Peter Karngbay from Gbi-Dorlu has been flatly rejected by Senator Prince Yormie Johnson on grounds that citizens of Gbi-Dorlu were his bitter enemies during the Liberian civil war, so he can’t work with them.

Senator Johnson, popularly known as ‘godfather’ of Nimba politics, accuses County Superintendent Dorr Cooper of replacing defeated representative candidate Raily Myres with Peter Karngbay, a son of Gbi-Dorlu district.

Speaking in Ganta City on a community radio station, Senator Johnson complains he who was given the appointing power by President Weah should have been in the know, but Superintendent Cooper never consulted him before making the nomination.

The political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction further discloses that before leaving for Nigeria to the ECOWAS Parliamentary meeting, he submitted a list of names to Superintendent Dorr Cooper for onward submission to President George Weah from which to appoint a Development Superintendent.

The MDR is a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, having lending support to an election of CDC Standard Bearer, George Weah during the runoff Presidential election in 2017.

According to him, the list did not mention Peter Karngbay, but rather a defeated representative candidate from district#5 Raily Myers.

PYJ says he entrusted Superintendent Dorr Cooper with the list, but to his surprise, the superintendent came out with something totally different.

He claims the Superintendent effected changes, including one Joe Wongan to serve as City Mayor of Saclepea, which was changed to Jerry Nyageah.

Since the inclusion of the names of the two men, both Superintendent Cooper and Senator Johnson have been in disagreement over the formation of the county leadership.

During the talk show in the county, Senator Johnson publicly vows he would never appoint a son of Gbi-Dorlu district for any post because the Gbi ethnic group has linked with the Krahn tribe whose members vehemently opposed him during the civil war.

According to sources, since 1976 the people of Gbi-Dorlu had never benefited from local appointment in Nimba.

Citizens from of there have on several occasions threatened to leave the county and join Rivercess County, while others say they prefer crossing over to neighboring Ivory Coast, accusing local authorities here of neglect.

According to them, their district has not benefited from any development. But appearing on Radio Kergheamahn 94.5 FM in Ganta, Superintendent Dorr Cooper counters that Sen. Johnson is aware of the decision that led to the nomination of Peter Karhgbay to serve as development superintendent.

He maintains that all of the names were done with the knowledge of Senator Johnson.

Meanwhile, following pressure from citizens, calling on President Weah to appoint a development superintendent for Nimba, the name of defeated MDR candidate Raily Myres has emerged as Development Superintendent instead.”

 If you are skeptical about the above article, please read the below articles and reconsider your support for PYJ. The man is nothing more than a thin skin coward who has successfully managed to exploit President Doe’s foolish doctrine of eliminating Nimba threat. PYJ learned and mastered the tactics of divide and conquer from his masters like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who trained,  armed and unleashed the beast and another terrorist like wild animals against the people of Liberia.

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Fellow Liberians,  Nimba citizens, and friends of Liberia, remember the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”  The prolonged silence of prominent sons and daughters of Nimba on the objectionable,  barbaric, unrepentant and unforgiven tendencies of Prince Y. Johnson has emboldened his confidence and further political exploitation of Nimba. If these unpatriotic, undemocratic, unLiberian and unNimba tendencies continue, the division of Nimba into two separate counties will be a reality.

In order to preserve the pride, dignity, peace, tranquility and genuine reconciliation in Nimba, the era of PYJ rule in Nimba must be brought to an urgent end.   PYJ   imposed severe pain and suffering on thousands of Nimba citizens. This brute heartlessly executed many sons and daughters of Nimba without mercy on them. Why should we continue to allow this uncultured beast to rule  Nimba as if Nimba is his personal property?

By divisive and exploitative policies of political and social exclusion, PYJ has planted the seed of division amongst our people. Primarily, Gios and Minos in Nimba. His demonic policies of tribal politics and rampant corruption have exacerbated the land question in Nimba.  Our Mandingo, Krhn, Bassa, Kpelleh including other tribes in Nimba have been marginalized by the demonic divisive and exploitative policies of PYJ. All conscience people of Nimba must understand that PYJ does not represent our interest but his selfish political interests. We must not permit this insignificant beast to usurp power at the expense of our people.

The people of Nimba must be prepared to rename every institution that PYJ built during his senatorial rule in Nimba to serve as a deterrence to future creatures like PYJ. He deserves no honor in Nimba. PYJ  aim is to divide Nimba into small counties of no significance on the Liberian political map like River Gee.

PYJ believes that since he can’t rule Nimba, he must destroy it, therefore, he is building the foundation of division in the county. The idiot does not represent the aspirations of the people of Nimba but his selfish political desire like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor. It is about time to run Prince Johnson, the coward out of town.