It does not require a Ph.D. degree to know that the fraudulent Trump campaign Russia collusion investigation is a satanic design to punish anyone with ties to President Trump’s 2016 campaign victory. The ultimate goal is to discredit President Trump and overthrow the will of millions of working-class Americans who voted him to power. Now the truth is out!

Paul Manafort is the chief victim of this satanic design. He is an honorable man who did not allow the evil designers to break him down like the traitor, Micheal Cohen.

The unjust coordinated assault on President Trump by some high profile members of the Obama and Bush administration’s national security team must be considered as a coup d’etat against a legitimately elected President of great America. After the dust is settled, there will be no evidence of collusion. President Trump will still be the President of the great United States. He will complete his first term, and overwhelmingly defeat the satanic cult, Democrats in the 2020 presidential elections.

Make no mistake, this is a war against everyone who voted or supported President Trump’s victory. The never Trump losers delusionally believe that President Trump could not have been elected without the illicit and hustled intervention of Russia, an enemy state.

Based on this erroneous premise, the never Trump losers have designed fabricated conspiracy theories against President Trump’s presidency with the explicit goal of undermining President Trump and reversing the votes of millions of downtrodden American voters who righteously powered President Trump to victory in 2016. It is time to terminate the treasonous Bob Mullar’s Trump campaign Russia collusion investigation to save America from self-destruction.

The cancerous products of the Obama and Bush administrations hawkish and irresponsible foreign policies have made this world a dangerous place. At the time when America’s global leadership is needed the most, the selfish Democratic party politicians in collusion with their fake news cartel are weakening our nation, therefore, who are the enemies of America? President Trump or the fake media coalition of never Trump losers?

Retrospecting and introspecting, the Trump haters would be glad if anyone hurts America during this chaos so that they can have something negative to run on this fall. But, the same God who elected President Trump will not permit such evil design to succeed.

Moving forward, we must not take the anti-Trump crusaders for granted, their primary objective of overthrowing our beloved President has been revealed.  The democratic party leadership has been silent about their diabolical plans of overthrowing the will of Trump voters. But, the  Democratic Congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump. At least, we should give her some credit for being bold and honest about the never Trump crusaders treasonous coup. But, the hypocritical Democratic party leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have cowardly remained silent on the question of President Trump’s impeachment. What a cowardice pretense!

Instead of seeking forgiveness from Senator Burnie Sanders and his supporters who they grossly abused by discounting their votes in favor of Crooked Hillary, the godless cult democratic party leadership have resolved to stage a covert coup d’etat against America, the millions of Trump voters and President Trump.

Plain and simple, the Robert Mueller, Trump Russia campaign collusion investigation is a trojan horse virus that Obama, the Democrats, and the never Trump crusaders installed on the hard drive of the Trump presidency to undermine the credibility of President Trump’s administration and ultimately overthrown the president.

The Presidency of President Trump has largely restored the global leadership of America. Some so-called traditional allies would be glad to see the demise of the Presidency of Trump so that they can fill in the global leadership vacuum left by Obama and Bush which President Trump managed to fill within less than 6 months of his administration. Example, unfair trade deals are being renegotiated; and America enemies like Iran are beginning to feel the heat of the Trump Presidency. The capital of Israel has been moved to Jerusalem, the eternal home. The unemployment rate is at the lowest level since the Regan administration. You can’t make that up!

In conclusion, the aggressive unpatriotic assault on the Presidency of President Trump is nothing more than a display of arrogance and withdrawal symptom from the catastrophic psychological and political defeat of the godless cult Democrats, fake news media, and the never Trump crusaders in 2016.