I am Jacob Dunzuah Massaquoi,II., a bonafide son of Nimba, from Zoe Geh district with a town named after me ” Dunzuah Town.” My district was partitioned into two districts by Prince Johnson at the expense of my people. As a son of Nimba, I am ashamed of Prince Y. Johnson. He is a tribalist, self-aggrandizing political vampire, and a poppet of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and partners who masterminded the cruel death of our elders Hon. Jackson F. Doe, Hon. Steven B. Daniels, Hon. David Dwanyen and others in 1990.

It is disrespectful to Liberian war victims for Peace Y. Johnson to continue projecting the strong man image  persona while his victims psychologically bleed in agony and pain for justice. Do you honestly think Liberia is at peace when thousands of its citizens are grieving and crying for justice? Do you think that Prince Y. Johnson is untouchable or invincible? If you do, think about Charles Taylor!

Nimba does not belong to Prince Johnson. He a perfect example of an android programmed to murder his own people. Think about this, what type of hero and freedom fighter would arrest a woman, tortured her on live screen and execute her with out due process? What type of war hero would kill innocent people just for fun? The Mandingos and Krahn he murdered in cold blood, don’t he think that they have right to life too? How about all his followers he executed without due process? Do you know how many sons and daughters of Nimba that Prince Y. Johnson executed? Do you know how many innocent Liberians Prince Y. Johnson Executed? Do you know how many children he transformed into his killing machines?

I am aware that some of his tribalist followers in my county  would argue that President Samuel Doe policy of eliminating Nimba citizens provoked Prince Y. Johnson and others to Kill Krhan and Mandingos. Sadly, most of the innocent Krah and Mandingos killed by the NPFL and INPFL forces were innocent, they nothing to do with Does crimes against the people of Nimba. In fact, many of the victims innocently went to either the NPFL or INPFL for refuge but, unfortunately, they were barbarically massacred in cold blood.

In the same vein, innocent  sons and daughters of Nimba were hunted and murdered in cold blood by the Doe forces across the country. Two wrongs can’t make right. That  is which we are pursuing the avenue of justice as a means of justly confronting our painful history.

As a patriotic Liberian, enlightened son of Nimba, and one of the victims of Charles Taylor and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s genocidal war, it is my obligation to speak and write truth to power. No more political correctness, a brute should be called what it is! Prince Johnson is a mass murderer and a corrupt beast who deserves to be published like everyone else in his shoes.

The Ellen Johnson Factor

What role did Ellen Johnson Sirleaf play? Why has Ellen been suddenly silent on the TRC debate?

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, Ellen have no reason to speak out, her partners and footsoldiers such as Prince Y. Johnson is doing a fantastic job by threatening everyone in Liberia with war and choirs. This is exactly what Ellen anticipated when she refuses to implement the TRC recommendations in the presence of 15 thousand strong UN peacekeeping force on the ground. Ellen and her strategists knew that without the presence of an external peacekeeping force, brutes like Prince Y. Johnson would exhibit the image of invincibility by threatening the nation with more violence and thereby inducing the atmosphere of fear  in the citizenry. The goal ultimate goal  is to  torpedo the implementation of the TRC recommendations.

In the presence of 15 thousand UN Peacekeeping forces including police officers from many countries,  and with the explicit support of the Obama administration through Ellen’s connection with Crooked Hillary, Ellen successfully managed to deny Liberia war victims justices for 12 years. And in an attempt to maintain the status quo of impunity, she supported an idiotic football player George Weah campaign for  President  over her loyal Vice President Honorable Joseph Boakai.

Although Ellen was indicted by a statutory body, the Liberian TRC commission, she invaded justice with the aid of her international partners such as Haward University, Standford University, Oprah Winfrey, the Nobel Committee, the fake news networks ( CNN. MSNBC, BBC, NY Times, etc.) including fake human rights and feminist organizations in America and  Europe.

Now that the UN peacekeepers are gone, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in collaboration with other war patrons and perpetrators, are using the security vacuum as an excuse for not implementing the Liberian TRC recommendations.

Fellow Liberians, this was a master plan designed to prolong the implementation of the Liberian TRC recommendations so that Ellen can depart this life as a feminist hero. Fellow Liberians, the greatest crime against Liberia is to allow the mother of all evils in Liberia to depart this world with dignity. We must accelerate our effort to bring Ellen to justice.

Price Johnson is a paper tiger, he has no ability to make war. neither the courage to organize any sustainable revote against Liberia and Liberian war victims. There are more good people in Liberia than the less than 500 who terrorize us. The victims are more than lackeys of Prince Johnson and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Warning to George Weah and the CDC

George Weah and his CDC gang of hustlers must understand that without the full implementation of the TRC recommendations, the CDC government will fall like the Taylor NPP government. We will employ every tool at our disposal to force the government to cooperate. George Weah must know that the only reason Ellen permitted the 2017 election to take in Liberia was the  humiliating defeat of her buddy Cooked  Hilary in the  2016 US presidential elections. If Hillary was elected President of the Great United States, Ellen would not have given up power. She would have dubiously contested the 2017 elections and rigged it the same way Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 Democratic Party Primary.

Make no mistake, we are not stupid, we know that the CDC government is effectively the third term of the  Ellen UP government. Ellen is  effectively running Liberia through her poppet, George Weah. Weah’s refusal to implement the TRC recommendations  is the continuation of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s   administration arrogant intransigence.

If Ellen is not guilty of war crime and crimes against humanity, including economic crimes, then why did she reject the implementation of the TRC recommendations? Why did she prematurely terminated the TRC commissioner’s work? Why did the Ellen administration fail to publish the hard copy of the TRC report for public consumption? Why did Ellen try to kill the Chairman of the Liberian TRC Commission, Jerome Verdier? Why did Ellen government stopped funding the TRC website hosting service?


Fellow Liberians, this is not a rocket science, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the driver behind the George Weah CDC refusal to implement the TRC recommendation. The sooner we can arrest and prosecute Ellen Johnson Sirleaf like her foot soldier Tom Woewiyu and Charles Taylor, and win a conviction, her poppet Prince Y. Johnson will continue to terrorize the Liberian public with threats of war and choirs.

Nimba county does not belong to Prince Y. Johnson.