Wow, the fraudulent mueller political witch hunt has failed to produce any tangible evidence of collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russian operatives,  but only destroyed the lives of distinguished men and women who were associated with President Trumps’ 2016 campaign. What a complete waste of our tax dollars!

A failed  Coup d’état!

Now, the fake news has found another means of distraction, this time it is anonymous Op-Ed in the failing New York Times. What a disgrace? Folks, We are watching an act of treason against the duly elected sitting President of the United States with comfort.

The Fake news continuing planting the  seed of discord in the White House. The ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere of mistrust and disunity amongst the White House staff and the Presidency.

This is a pure psychological warfare, assumingly employed by former intelligence officers who have gone rogue. This type of sophisticated divide and conquer tactics cannot be employed by anyone besides a trained CIA officer with the knowledge of state subversion. When you have the former CIA director openly discrediting the President, no one must be surprised at the source of this pure psychological warfare.

This is a pure act of subversion against the Trump administration. The Department of Justice must immediately intervene, find and prosecute all the so-called anonymous authors of the NY Times Op-Ed. This is not a  fun, or an exercise of freedom of expression, but an aggressive act of subversion against the Presidency of President Trump with an  explicit goal of overthrowing the will of the American voters. We must not allow the traitors to succeed!

Free speech must be exercised with  responsibility and concern for  the security of the state and the commander in Chief.  We can not permit anyone to make treasonous statements like former CIA director John O. Brennan, who lost his security clearance for making reckless and unfounded statements against the Commander  in Chief.

Time for the faithful to stand  with President Trump and his administration!