What makes me do what I do is a strong fundamental belief in God. I am convinced beyond all doubts that God permitted me to survive the upheavals in Liberia so that I can become an agent of change that would represent the downtrodden masses through direct service and advocacy.

My strong religious and family upbringing informed the core of my character, principles, and values. Philosophically, I believe that every disappointment is an opportunity. I also believe that poverty is in the mind… I believe that what others have achieved can be accomplished.

I believe that good character and principles inform one’s value. A being without a defined set of values is divorced of sound integrity. If you cannot stand for what you believe in, you are doomed!

I believe that fear is an enemy of progress. It is written in most religion textbooks that a heaven is a wonderful place, but no one goes to heaven alive. So the only vehicle to heaven is death. Ironically, no one wants to ride this terrestrial vehicle due to fear.  In the same vein, Satan with all his corrupt vices has long used fear from the dawn of history to propagate terror, immorality, and all forms of human indignations. Hence,  the fear of death keeps a man in the bondage of poverty, impunity, and oppressive regimes such as those of the so-called gulf cooperative states headed by the despotic monarchy of  Saudi Arabia.

History has taught us that successful people are only those who are prepared to free their minds from the bondage of fear. Tyrants use fear to govern; criminals use fear to intimidate and control their prey, and abusive spouses use fear to control their partners. Fear is the most effective weapon of Satan and all evil vices but, the fear of God, conviction, courage, and persistence extinguish fear like a vapor.

The theoretical basis guiding my thinking is the doctrine of creation. God created all humankind, boys, and girls, young and old, in his own image: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God, created he him: male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:27).  The Bible says nothing about whether God is black, white, or yellow; likewise, the Bible tells us nothing about God’s heritage, tribe or language.  Thus, all philosophies which hold one race superior and another inferior must be permanently discarded and abandoned . . . finally!

People of the world are all God’s children. Therefore, we are obligated to pursue peace, harmony, unity, dignity, and prosperity for all. I believe that all humans are equal before the Creator. No one is superior to another human being.  A leadership position is a privilege, not a right to think or feel superior to your coworkers or followers. A leader-follower relationship is a partnership; they are interdependent on each other for success. For example, on the battlefield, even though the superior officer is in command, every member of the troop depends on each other for survival. Contingent upon this analogy, I hold the belief that the leader-follower relationship is essentially a teamwork that demands equal respect from all sides.

The nature of God is peace, happiness, and goodness as defined in Genesis 1:1-31. Thus, even despite the fall of humankind and all the accompanying consequences: war, death, illness, hunger, fear, hate, environmental degradation, and so on, humanity has consistently gravitated towards goodness. Today, this is exemplified through the multitude of supranational organizations: the now-defunct League of Nations, the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, and so on.   The primary objective of these organizations was and is to promote the welfare and dignity of humanity. Quite simply, peace, harmony, and prosperity for all are the goal, for it is through service to these principles that we embody the divinity of God.

I believe that peace is unattainable in the absence of accountability, established rules, and adherence to binding international treaties  including The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), The United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and all other  binding international treaties.

Too often peace negotiators have employed the policy of appeasement to lure the antagonist with the biggest gun. The policy of appeasement did not work in the 20th Century and will not work in the 21st Century and beyond.  In the 20th Century, Europeans learned a very hard lesson from Adolf Hitler’s notorious Nazi forces and its allies as a result of the policy of appeasement.



  • I unapologetically believe in the doctrine of creation.
  • I vehemently oppose postmodernism philosophy because it rejects the universality of truth.
  • I believe in  God’s    Omnipotence; Omnipresence; Omniscience;  and Immutability,  and that he is the arbiter of genuine love,  peace, justice,  truth, and reconciliation.
  • I believe that all men were created in his image, male and female.
  • I believe in the doctrine of creation and vehemently reject evolution theory.
  • I believe that life begins at conception and the protection of the rights of unborn babies is a  divine duty.
  • I believe that no one was born gay and that being gay is a matter of choice which must be respected without ambiguity.
  • I believe that marriage is a sacred union between a male and a female ordained by the Almighty God the creator of all humanity.
  • I believe that no one has the right to take the life of another person and   therefore, oppose capital punishment and all forms of
  • I believe in order for capitalism/ business to be meaningful to humanity in the 21s century, it must have a heart; having a heart means having dual purposes; one for profit making and two, for serving humanity by being socially responsible and economically just.
  • I believe that health care and education is a right and not a privilege.
  • I believe that every citizen must contribute to the national development through volunteering and community service.


I believe that corruption is the symptom of financial insecurity and lack of moral fortitude. Corruption is also the product of the absence of a national social safety net for citizens hence, to effectively combat corruption and public greed, the government must create a safety net for its citizens and pay civil servants a livable wage while providing an honorable retirement program for public service employees. In addition, character education and civics must be the cornerstone of the national education curriculum while aggressively prosecuting corrupt officials in the court of law.


  • I believe in the doctrine of   Constitutional Democracy (one-man-one-vote) and the transformation of the vote into services that makes a difference in the lives of voters.
  • I believe in devolution of power and given local communities the right to chose their own leaders and self-governance without the interference of the central government.
  • I believe that the public serve/government position is an opportunity to honorably and voluntarily serve your compatriots and not a vehicle for wealth accumulation.
  • I believe that the government has seven fundamental responsibilities : (1) To create an enabling condition for business to operate, protect consumers from corporate exploitation and remove unnecessary regulations and barriers to smooth business development. (2) Protect its citizens from both foreign and domestic threats. (3) Ensure that its citizens receive high standard services. (4) Enforce contracts and honor agreements with both domestic and foreign partners. (5) Ensure that its citizens receive high standard healthcare and education. (6) Prioritize electric power, water, and highways as a national security asset and invest in building a modern clean water supply system, electric power generation system, and highways through a public-private partnership. (7) support youth development initiatives through a comprehensive national youth volunteer service and sports program.


  • I believe that everyone has the right to decide his/her own destiny.
  • I believe that everyone is innocent before the law until proven guilty beyond all responsible doubts.
  • I believe in the universal declaration of human rights- the right to life; the right to fair and unbiased trial before a competent jury; and the right to quality health care and quality education.